2. Day 19: Nothing But Everything

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2. Day 19:  Nothing But Everything

Behind my fear of the voice of NOT-enough lies the even deeper terror of the abyss of NOTHING.  What if there is nothing in my heart–no feeling, no guidance, no inner teacher, no creative impulse, no heart beat?   What then?  This is the fear to end all fears.  “Listen to your heart” is nothing new.  We see this used on YouTube videos and Facebook memes and hear this preached from every pulpit of every faith.  So why don’t we do it?  Listen to our heart.  It is because of this very real fear of the heart in the “21 Fear Salute” that depression faces every day.

10. Fear of the Heart

Me:  What if I find there is nothing in my heart?

HS:  Dearest One,

This is not possible.  Even in your depths of despair of nothingness you are yet aware of the

The Abyss of Nothing but Everything

The Abyss of Nothing but Everything

nothingness, the emptiness, the vastness, the abyss.

What if this abyss, this Mariana Trench was the gate to exquisite peace and unending joy? What if you knew this intrinsically in every cell, in the very DNA of your soul? Would nothingness scare you then?  Or would it seduce you until you, finally, surrendered?

You need do nothing.  Nothing, like not-knowing is the key to coming to terms with vastness. Once you have met and allowed even unto a holy welcome this abyss of nothing but everything you ever asked or hoped for, you will taste home.  

And home you will be.



  1. I love the synchronicity of finding this in my inbox this morning as we just shared our unfolding experiences of this very awareness during our Star Sisters gathering yesterday. I am loving this reflection of our “oneness” radiating out through our individual lives and unique experiences of this vastness of emptiness.

    • Thanks for your comments Sally. Nothing but delicious! xo

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