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9. Day 26: Joy Is Relaxing

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9. Day 26:  Joy Is Relaxing

We had one of our most relaxing days on Christmas day yesterday.  There is zero public transport on Christmas (and also very limited on Boxing Day) so felt no pull whatsoever to go out for any reason.  We luxuriated in pj’s all day, starting with coffee and Christmas cake and finishing with port from Fortum & Mason’s. We talked, laughed, colored in our fancy coloring books from the Derwent Pencil Museum and prepared a yummy feast with what we found at the M & S Express (the small corner store version of Marks & Spencer’s).  We had a breakfast of eggs, toast and...

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9. Day 3: Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

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9. Day 3:  Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

I have a feeling that joy is quite connected to the ordinary.  Can you tell me/show me what is meant by being ordinary? HS:  Dearest One, the practice of ordinary is the practice of noticing, allowing and being what is true about you all the time. Ordinary is what is always true, no exceptions. Ordinary is the rock upon which you build your life. Ordinary is what the universe is. Ordinary is what IS. You long sought extraordinary as a way to tell yourself you are better what what is.  It is a fool’s game which leaves players exhausted, lost, traumatized and forgetful.  Extraordinary is...

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9. Day 1: A Month Of Living Joy

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9. Day 1:  A Month Of Living Joy

After a number of epic traveling days which included a rugby match at Twickenham, an advent feast in the Cotswolds with old army friends and a day of networking with the fantastic team at BNI UK headquarters I needed to hear the Holy Spirit on a deep level. Me:  What do I need to know right now in my travels? HS:  Dearest One, Welcome to your day and living joy.  Traveling is a bountiful way to experience yourself unconditionally in all conditions. You will be in many experiences which will bring up much forgotten within you, this not-knowing that arises may take you by surprise but you may...

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7. Day 27: Guess Who’s In The Wedding Party?

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7. Day 27:  Guess Who’s In The Wedding Party?

I found myself sitting at the dining table with my daughter and a dear friend (who also just happens to be a wedding & event planner;) purportedly brainstorming about the wedding but actually getting a crash course in honesty.  Who doesn’t love those early days of planning a big event?  It is a time when dreams run wild and all is possible.  What was different here is that I had also invited honesty.  In myself, in my daughter and in my friend.  I didn’t say “Now, let’s be honest with one another!” but that is exactly what happened.  I was blown away by how...

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6. Day 16: Can Joy Be My Guide?

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6. Day 16:  Can Joy Be My Guide?

The practice of noticing what I feel like in my body is quite interesting.  I am beginning to see my body is shimmering with life and that noticing it actually shifts the energy somehow.  The more I do this the more I feel like I am feeling into the feeling of joy.  What does joy feel like? It feels just like this time of quiet to me. HS:  Time to feel, notice, receive all the blessings that abound. No judgment, just acceptance, welcome, trust. Real delight is knowing THERE IS NOTHING WRONG.  Ever. Spaciousness; feeling this in everything.  There is room enough for all feelings, thoughts,...

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