6. Day 16: Can Joy Be My Guide?

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6. Day 16:  Can Joy Be My Guide?

The practice of noticing what I feel like in my body is quite interesting.  I am beginning to see my body is shimmering with life and that noticing it actually shifts the energy somehow.  The more I do this the more I feel like I am feeling into the feeling of joy.  What does joy feel like? It feels just like this time of quiet to me.

HS:  Time to feel, notice, receive all the blessings that abound.

No judgment, just acceptance, welcome, trust.

Real delight is knowing THERE IS NOTHING WRONG.  Ever.

Spaciousness; feeling this in everything.  There is room enough for all feelings, thoughts, creations, loss and gain.  There is enough.

Joy is the truth about you.

Me:  How can I feel/notice/believe this on a daily basis?  Is joy energy?  How do I feel joy when another is upset?  How can I extend my joy to them, or at least not get tied up in their angst?

HS:  Fear is not the truth about you.  Nor is anger, annoyance or grief.  These are brief passing clouds that will only reveal the greater truth if you allow them to.  

Joy wants to lead me.

Joy wants to lead me.

Me:  Extending love to my epic fears is like extending love during a brief, but intense rainstorm—the sky is not visible, I am wet possibly, but lightening provides illumination and I can still remember the sky and space and Holiness and ASK for immediate guidance through joy.

This seems obvious to choose guidance through joy but honestly this is kind of new.  I do love joy and naturally am drawn to joyful expressions (colors, light, effervescence) but to allow joy to guide me as opposed to “what is right” or “what is best” or “what I should do” is new.  To trust that following joy is the way to go even if it isn’t in the “should” category feels as dangerous as it is wonderful.  My belief in pain as a necessary guiding tool (think “no pain, no gain”) is on shaky ground.  Maybe I don’t need to actually believe that pain is integral to the guiding process.  Maybe I could learn to listen at a deeper level to my Holiness and really trust that this is not only ok but a necessary step into living joy daily.  Living joy daily must be what my tiredness is asking for!


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