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8. Day 23: To Glastonbury & Beyond!

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8. Day 23:  To Glastonbury & Beyond!

To really dive head first into experiencing Not-Knowing I recommend driving in a foreign country.  There is nothing like it.  To really cement the true feeling of NOT KNOWING it is best to drive really fast in a country where few speed limits are posted and your car has both miles and kilometers marked and you can’t actually tell what speed you are driving anyway. To further enrich the moment it is best if you can’t tell your right from your left and when you are turning onto the motorway you can’t quite remember which side of the road you are supposed to be on.  Now, do this with your wife...

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8. Day 21: Homing Device

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8. Day 21:  Homing Device

Today, in the middle of the British Museum, for no apparent reason, I had a wave of longing for home wash over me. Instead of brushing it off or telling myself “But there is so much here to delight in!” I let the feelings flow through me.  I could feel myself sinking into my sofa at home, my corgi sitting next to me and I nearly wept.  There is nothing here I want to avoid, and nothing in particular I was missing but the feeling of longing for home was palpable.  This feeling of home in my heart is what calls us all home.  Home is where the heart is.  I am loving each and every...

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8. Day 12: Going With God

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8. Day 12:  Going With God

I love airports.  They are such a picture of an in-between world.  All who come are welcome.  Thousands of strangers rub shoulders and glances and kindness and annoyance on their way to somewhere else.  I love it because when I have finally made it to the airport I know I am on my way.  This is not to be confused with having arrived.  An interesting distinction.  I am, indeed, on my way to feeling less fearful of Not-Knowing but I have not arrived.  Right now, as the hours and minutes tick down to our boarding the plane I am experiencing tumultuous feelings and thoughts: gratitude,...

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8. Day 10: Begin Practicing Clarity

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8. Day 10:  Begin Practicing Clarity

Yesterday was so full I did not have time to sit quietly with you.  What message do you have for me today?   Speaking of Not-Knowing………I have questions of creation I want to surrender to All-Love.  Can I share my blog further afield?  Is it valuable to others? Can I publish in new and bigger ways and still remain in peace and joy? HS:  Clarity is not at the expense of peace and joy.   One quality of love does not preclude another.   You are asking for clarity.   Begin practicing clarity.   Ask for clarity then follow the guidance or practice given.   Not-Knowing and clarity...

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8. Day 8: The Knowing Of Creation

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8. Day 8:  The Knowing Of Creation

I continue to ask Holy Spirit for insight and willingness to be with Not-Knowing without agenda. HS:  Relax into Not-Knowing.  The knowing of creation will come at exactly the perfect time.  In every case there will be, is, and was everything you need at hand.  Nothing is left to chance.  Not-Knowing is not chance or random or a roll of the dice.  Not-Knowing is from which all is chosen, created, extended and delighted in. Fear not this vastness–it is not a place, a moment or a decision–it is the stuff of ALL-IS.  The more comfortable you are with Not-Knowing and ALL-IS the more...

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