8. Day 21: Homing Device

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8. Day 21:  Homing Device

Today, in the middle of the British Museum, for no apparent reason, I had a wave of longing for home wash over me. Instead of brushing it off or telling myself “But there is so much here to delight in!” I let the feelings flow through me.  I could feel myself sinking into my sofa at home, my corgi sitting next to me and I nearly wept.  There is nothing here I want to avoid, and nothing in particular I was missing but the feeling of longing for home was palpable.  This feeling of home in my heart is what calls us all home.  Home is where the heart is.  I am loving each and every moment of being here in England AND I am aware of, feel and treasure beyond compare that (and who) which I call home.

Why is it so hard to believe that God has put in our hearts this feeling of home so that we will always, without fail, heed the call and return home as we must, to our heart of hearts where God, where Love resides.  We cannot help it. No matter how far we stray in worry, fear or haphazard thinking we always return to love.  Today, in a magnificent exhibition of the Ming Dynasty of China there was a scroll announcing an edict of one of the Emperor’s “to love the soldiers and love the people”.  If a Ming Dynasty ruler can hear this call and I can hear it a thousand years later in the middle of the British Museum then all can and will hear it:  Love is our HOME.  Home IS our Love.

Love is our HOME. Home IS our Love.

It will always call us home because that is who and what we are.  The Not-Knowing is just how vast is this Love.  As long as we know it is Love then how vast or how intimately present in a single moment it is will always be enough.

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