8. Day 10: Begin Practicing Clarity

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8. Day 10:  Begin Practicing Clarity

Yesterday was so full I did not have time to sit quietly with you.  What message do you have for me today?   Speaking of Not-Knowing.……..I have questions of creation I want to surrender to All-Love.  Can I share my blog further afield?  Is it valuable to others? Can I publish in new and bigger ways and still remain in peace and joy?

HS:  Clarity is not at the expense of peace and joy.  

One quality of love does not preclude another.  

You are asking for clarity.  

Begin practicing clarity.  

Ask for clarity then follow the guidance or practice given.  

Not-Knowing and clarity are made of the same stuff.

Me:  I am afraid (WARNING!  Energy of falseness detected!) to find out my writing (and voice) is of no use to others, only to myself.  Which, if there IS really, only One Voice, is not actually a problem.

I would like to experience the truth of the usefulness of my particular color of love.  I would like to experience a greater audience for this Voice.  How can I feel and create this?  Guide me in my seeing and noticing.  I love writing the blog and making in my spiritual practice.  How can I take this with me overseas in a fresh and expanded way?

I am just getting a sense beneath the surface of my questions that the “larger audience” feeling I seek is actually connecting to the deeper All-IS-Love truth that connects me to my brother.  Am I simply asking for all of me to wake up and remember the truth of who we are?  I feel a dividedness here.  Do I keep, enjoy, use this Voice for myself alone and/or do I share this further in new ways?

You are asking for clarity.

You are asking for clarity.

I extend trust to these thoughts.

(Extending trust to dividedness feels like leaving an alcoholic in charge of the bar.)

HS:  There is nothing wrong.  Dividedness is but your signal to remember your Wholeness.  You are not divided yet you may choose many forms to express yourself.  Think not how your writing is useful to others, ask if you want others to enjoy, be inspired and nourished by your writing.

Me:  Well that’s easy.  The answer is YES.  I would love all to delight in , feel nourished by and return to their own peace and joy of being when hearing Our Voice that is Love through my writing.



  1. I feel nourished by your sharings here. Hear here! 😉

    • Oh my, I am so happy to hear this! Love you all across the country and back Jill:) xoxox

  2. Dearest Eva, I’m letting you know that I do love to delight in, feel nourished by and return to my own peace and joy of being when I read/hear Our Voice that is Love through your writing….just sayin’… Keep it comin’ Love’n’hugs to you.

    • Oh MaryAnn, thank you so much for taking the time to share your heart…..keep it comin’ indeed!!! Love you! xoxox

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