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10. Day 18: Yo’ Mama, Time To Extend Love

Posted by on Jan 18, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Fear Itself, The Wedding Practice | 2 comments

10. Day 18:  Yo’ Mama, Time To Extend Love

I woke up to this thought yesterday which I naturally wrote down in my journal.  This was in preparation for today when I really needed it: “When you are experiencing fear of any kind the only decision to make is to extend love immediately; to your fear, your self, your circumstances and your feelings.  Ask for help in doing this. Ask what quality of love to extend.  Ask how to express this. When you are in the awareness of love, ask to be guided, open and aware of Love’s love that is flowing through you.  All is well because all is well.” My husband and I had the most...

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