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10. Day 12: Let Debt Inspire

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in All-One, Encouragement, Fear of Fear Itself | 2 comments

10. Day 12:  Let Debt Inspire

This morning I woke up with fear itself sitting on my chest, whispering in my ear “It’s time to pay the Piper”.  I listened for awhile, hanging my head in agreement, thinking this amounted to extending love and being with but I still felt hounded, a little breathless and a tad guilty.  I mean I did just declare by my very actions that it is AOK to take off on a trip for seven weeks to do business certainly but there was a lot of eating, drinking and making merry.  I should pay for this, right?  I certainly should pay my credit card debt and I should redouble my daily...

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