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8. Day 10: Begin Practicing Clarity

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in All-One, Blogging As My Spiritual Practice, Fear of Not-Knowing | 4 comments

8. Day 10:  Begin Practicing Clarity

Yesterday was so full I did not have time to sit quietly with you.  What message do you have for me today?   Speaking of Not-Knowing………I have questions of creation I want to surrender to All-Love.  Can I share my blog further afield?  Is it valuable to others? Can I publish in new and bigger ways and still remain in peace and joy? HS:  Clarity is not at the expense of peace and joy.   One quality of love does not preclude another.   You are asking for clarity.   Begin practicing clarity.   Ask for clarity then follow the guidance or practice given.   Not-Knowing and clarity...

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