Thought Cookies

There I was, minding my own business on Facebook (I must pause here to make the most obvious observation…..I was actually minding everyone else’s business, or at least the business they cared to post) and the sofa I had been lusting after at One King’s Lane (a yummy furniture and decorating auction site) popped up as a sponsored link on Facebook!  “What??!  How did they know that was the exact sofa I wanted??” I exclaimed.  John said “Cookies.”, without even looking up from his computer.  Cookies?  I have heard about cookies and thought I had to have actually done something like make a purchase or click a link (oh, I did do that one) for a cookie to be downloaded. This, of course, led to a conversation about cookies, good vs. bad, should vs. shouldn’t etc.  And it got me to thinking…….if computers can give and receive cookies, do we do the same thing when we think?  It seems a reasonable question, though my husband groaned as soon as the term “thought cookie”  escaped my lips.

What if thought cookies worked like computer cookies, and we just never knew it was happening……until now?  According to the BBC Webwise site:

“When you visit a site that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto your PC. The next time you visit that site, your PC checks to see if it has a cookie that is relevant (that is, one containing the site name) and sends the information contained in that cookie back to the site.”—BBC Webwise

What if each exchange we had with another deposited thought cookies which identified your true nature and for all future interactions the other persons mind (computer) looked for the relevant thought cookie in order to see you more clearly, and be better able to present what you are asking for to you?

Love loves all the thoughts,

Pass the love; the most powerful thought cookie ever.

Might that change what you wanted your cookies to ask for?  Imagine that you downloaded the thought cookie “you are loved” to everyone you met.  When they met you the next time they would look to see if there was a relevant message to share and would find your thought cookie “you are loved” which would begin to store even more information about you.  What if you added “you are love, I see you, you are perfect as you are” to the cookie? What if we could actually set our thought preferences to “Love” instead of “fear”? Well, my friend, this is your luckiest of lucky days because this is exactly what we can do!  Extending love to your thoughts IS creating thought cookies that store the truth about you and call for a similar response to others you interact with.

Now this is the cookie!

Now this is the cookie!

I won’t frighten you with the idea that we are all connected in One Heart/One Mind/ One Love but, that is the case.  Whether you believe it or not.  Whether you care or not.  You actually do get to choose what your thought cookies ask for. Why not ask for truth? Why not ask for love?  Why not tell the truth about yourself, ie, you are love? Why not tell the truth about your brothers and sisters, ie, they are love too? What would be the outcome if the message of “love and beloved” thought cookies went viral? Uh huh, peace on earth, goodwill towards men.  Creation-a-palooza. Heaven on earth.

I know what you’re thinking……what about a glass of milk to go with those thought cookies.  I was thinking the same thing; coming right up my beloved friend.


  1. Eva: I love your “love cookie,” but I think your cookie has nuts in it! Love you anyway. You are so special.

    • Thanks for reading Jacque! You gotta have nuts for fun! xoxo

      • So true. I’ve got them. Too sick to get on last few weeks, but on the mend, but going to Seattle for the 4th BD of my precious twin grandsons.
        Catching the Super Shuttle at that time.

        Looking forward to next time.

        Love your postings. Thank you, and love you too, Jac

        • You are truly an inspiration! Have the best,best time in Seattle. Love you,xoxo

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