The Referendum

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The Referendum

I am amazed at just how much I am feeling the result of the Referendum in the UK on whether to remain in the EU or not.  I feel like I was the subject of the Referendum: yes/no, stay/go, be happy/be devastated.  We knew the likely outcome when we went to bed last night and woke up this morning well into a day that was described many English friends as “a black day for Britain”.  I feel connected to them all both by our friendships and the feelings of dismay, the X-factor that is the messiness of withdrawal, and the sense that the world as a whole is entering a mighty river of change and we are taking a swan-dive into this river without our bathers on, or even knowing how deep (or terrifyingly shallow) the water is. Our own recent horrific massacre by a self proclaimed terrorist in Orlando Florida and the one-shock-after-another election season in the USA has left me feeling like, I too, went to the poles in Britain to cast my vote to see whether “I” would hold on or let go………to what I did not know. This morning however, even as a pall of wariness descends on Britain and the pound as one of my daughter’s friend’s put it “walked off a cliff”, I feel that something is decided.  It is the very comment an English friend wrote yesterday in a Facebook post:  “I voted and no matter what is decided, love wins.”

The pound walked off a cliff.......

The pound walked off a cliff…….

Love wins.  That must be what we are being brought face to face with in the midst of the shock, the change, the dismay and turmoil.  No matter what is decided, love wins.  This, too, is the message given to me yesterday morning when I contemplated a charge of hurt feelings due to another’s perception.

Me:  What am I supposed to do when another accuses me?  And it really hurts??!

HS:   Extend love to what is true for it is love. Extend love to what is not true for it is forgotten.

Be kind in and to yourself in the midst of the hurt or anger or misunderstanding that begets accusation.

Let this flow by you and go within, deep within your heart and ask:

Who am I?

What is needed here?

How may I extend love in this NOW?

Be still and know the majesty of love in all things.  In every moment love is forgotten, love is indeed called for.  Be still, go within, be reminded of Love’s true nature.

You, my precious one, are the one that needs reminding of your true heart, your own loving eternal nature. Once reminded you can indeed see what is the next step.

This seemed to be a message for all who are going to the polls in November in the US or went yesterday in the UK.  Let go of the import of what is being decided.  The truth is we are beginning to allow ourselves to see that no matter what……Love, does indeed, win.



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This reminded me to remove the beam from my own eye, before I cast any judgement on another. Whether I am in error or others in matters not. What matters is to love self (which isn’t always easy to do) and love those that have hurt me. I must continue to rejoice in the tender hand of mercies that my Father in Heaven blesses me with daily, and if I will do this “All is Well.”

    • Vicki, “loving self” is indeed key. I love that in this space, if there is anything we need do or say then it comes out as truly the very best thing for all concerned. I am, as always, rejoicing in the tender hand of mercies with you. xoxo

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