The Clarity Clause

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The Clarity Clause

“I just don’t know what to do….” she said softly.  I could picture the fat tears slowly making their way down her cheek.

“Grrrr, no news yet.  Waiting is SO HARD.”

“WTF?!!  What are we going to do NOW?”

I know several friends going through that path oft travelled where you catch yourself saying “I don’t know” a hundred times an hour. That time of fog and stand-stillness when you do not know which way to turn.  It is as hard to watch another feel the betwixt and between as it is to feel it yourself. Thankfully, my Holy Friend has words of peace and relief for us all. I think of this as “The Clarity Clause”

HS:  Dearest One,

You have all the clarity you need in any given moment. As you navigate your day you do see each next step or “stop and breathe as you ask“–there is enough clarity for this time and moment. I am leading you always. In this way all are simply going home to their own truth.

tunnel of tiredness

You have all the clarity you need in any given moment.

No precious ones could be left behind.  Fear not, this is not possible for any holiness to be lost, or found unneeded or unfit.

Together-as-One we are summoning the power of Light in our loving. Trust each day to bring all it needs for the adventure lives within its walls. When the walls come down you will know your true spaciousness. Allow the creativity inherent in each moment to be birthed. Do not assume you must know what happens next to be happy, clear or at ease.

It is the birthing of the unknown into the arms of Love’s kind embrace that allows the unknown to be-come known.

Darling One, each and every task you see on your list I see as joy unfolding.  Each evident lack of breath I see as opportunity to breathe together–mouth to mouth, heart to heart, eye to eye–we are One.

Let your story unfold, unravel, unwind as it may. I am the same, yesterday, today and forever. I am your heart, you are my hand and eyes.  We are creating this lovely story of life together in every way.

Fear not.


  1. Eva…I’m so very blessed to have ever met you. Honestly.
    And it all started with dirty lampshades and making time for creativity.

    You absolutely mean the world to me.

    The continuing reminder of love’s presence changes lives.


    • Thank you so very much my precious friend, xoxo

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