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3. Day 25: Gratitude Is Good For What Ails You

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3. Day 25:  Gratitude Is Good For What Ails You

I am feeling low, like I want to stay in bed for a week.  The last few weeks have been incredibly hectic with nearly every moment scheduled. Time to extend love.  I extend absolution to this thought. Interestingly I feel guilty both for wanting to stay in bed AND for the week being so full. (why do I always do that?).  I also feel guilty for the thought of canceling everything (or anything really). Finally I remember to ask. Me:  What is it I really need/want to do? HS (gave me this list which will guide me over the next days): bath, water, cleansing tea, nap, one day at a time, make a list,...

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3. Day 24: No Room At The Gym

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3. Day 24:  No Room At The Gym

I am beginning to realize that guilt feels bad because it is a contraction rather than an expansion.  It is the contraction or constricting that feels bad, not the fact that guilt is the truth about me (which it isn’t).  I had a wonderful guilt opportunity the other day when having tea with a friend.  We were at Bella Bru, me sipping green tea, my friend sipping Diet Coke when our conversation got around to “We really should take a yoga class together!”  We both have memberships at 24 Hr Fitness which is next door so we decided to go over and see when the yoga classes that...

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3. Day 23: Why Meditate?

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3. Day 23:  Why Meditate?

The other day I ran across a brilliant answer to “Why meditate?”  The answer I give most often is “Because it feels good and returns me to peace and wholeness.”, but the answer below gives the “why” behind my feelings of peace, joy and wholeness. “Meditation is how you can consistently pay attention to what is.  This inner feeling, this knowingness, this awareness that begins to arise in you, if consistently paid attention to, will tell you directly all that you need to know.  Inside the space of your body and inside the space of your psyche, there...

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3. Day 22: Ask Or Be-little?

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3. Day 22:  Ask Or Be-little?

I notice that still, in certain circumstances, I make myself less-than or highlight my fear qualities (including, perhaps especially with, guilt) in order to make another feel equal or safe. (Or am I making myself feel safe and equal???)  Is this necessary?  Is it meeting someone where they are or am I kidding myself?  How do I remain true to Love’s Vastness and to my own local self and brother too?   HS:  Ask. Ask in the moment. Ask in quiet time. Ask your brother. Ask. Ask. Ask. ASK. When you feel this tendency to be-little yourself ask: “How can I remain whole...

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3. Day 20: The Day’s Grace

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3. Day 20:  The Day’s Grace

Poetry was one of the first ways I became aware of Holy Spirit’s Voice of Love within me so it is where I return when my day or life becomes overwhelming, momentous or just uber busy.  These past two weeks have been one of those times.  The haiku below were my quiet time today.  The shifting out of mind and into heart makes my brain feel like when you put your hands in flour, soft and vast yet right here.  It is hard to explain.  I know that the act of writing poetry does something peaceful and meditative and leaves me feeling refreshed, recharged and at-One-ment with Holy Spirit....

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