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3. Day 27: Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Guilt, Holy Dictionary, Holy Spirit Says, Practices | 2 comments

3. Day 27:  Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

Me:  Holy Spirit, what IS the purpose of guilt? HS:  Precious One, The purpose of guilt is threefold:   to close your eyes to grace to dampen your spirit to forget the truth   Guilt uses all thinking to accomplish this; everything you have ever thought, done, not thought or not done.  Guilt is the great God covering, making it appear you are separate from God.  You don’t  question it because you can see its’ effects in the world; even though there is great beauty so much is left undone, so much unfairness, so much pain and hurt. Guilt is NOT TRUE.  Guilt is NOT TRUTH.  Guilt is...

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2. Day 8: The Great Drawing Within

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in All-One, Extending love to my thoughts, Fear of Depression, Holy Spirit Says | 0 comments

2.  Day 8:  The Great Drawing Within

I had a great experience with depression the other day I keep meaning to write down. I got some very unexpected news, which kind of blindsided me.  I noticed I felt a heavy dragging on my chest, it felt a betrayal of sorts.  I felt pitiful, lonely, left out and annoyed all at the same time.  I just let all of those feelings be ok.  I didn’t try to change or fix it.  I just extended the quality of love of noticing. After a little while I went out with friends and as happens when sadness or surprise hits, it is softened tremendously by spending time with those you love.  Loving someone is a...

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1. Day 29: Being Here Now

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in All-One, Encouragement, Holy Spirit Says | 3 comments

1. Day 29:  Being Here Now

I continue to feel the tidal pull between business, my spiritual practice of my commitment to extending love to my fears and wanting to be with family.  The pull of the actions commitment seems to require is great.  It is hard to sit still and meditate or BE in the face of commitment (even if it is a commitment to facing my fear and blogging about it).  I must not really understand commitment or what is going on inside me.  Please show me the way to peace and joy AND commitment, it must be possible.  Thank you. Me:  I feel the tidal pull of activities swirling around me and this feels...

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