Self Love Has The Greatest ROI

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Self Love Has The Greatest ROI

I am beginning to realize the many gifts of the wedding season of last year.  Now that I have rested, regrouped and breathed deeply into this new year I can look back in great wonder.  I was guided again and again into Self Love as the answer to my overwhelm, my tired, my juggling……..and it worked every time.  The ROI (Return On Investment) of Self Love is surely more than 100% if that is even possible to measure. I have mentioned before how much Spirit loves to speak to my heart through poetry.  These two poems somehow answered my heart’s silent question of “Is it all worth it?”


What do you give

to the woman who is



Permission, insistence, opportunity, welcome & reverence

Permission, insistence, opportunity, welcome & reverence







Be your Self

in all things

in all situations

in all relationships


“I am there too”

Love whispers



This next poem came out of the flurry of RSVP’s we were receiving re the wedding invitation when I realized we are ALL invited to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, where our vision of God sits right down next to our vision of our selves and sups together forever more.

“Meet Me At The Wedding Supper”

Meet me at the wedding supper

the venue is set

flowers are all arranged

music is playing

Who will come today?

Who will come today?


Everyone is invited,

who will come today?


Some know right away

it is not the right time

and RSVP, “No, thanks.”


Some say “YES of course!”

though are so excited they forget

to return the RSVP


Some say “Yes…..but,

I may need to change my mind later”


Some are in crisis and can’t

the deepest depth

Join me…

imagine a world where frivolity

and celebration reign

so “Decline, regretfully.”


The bride and groom (God & me) are already there

waiting to celebrate

and be celebrated


All guests and hosts

The miracle of our togetherness....

The miracle of our togetherness….

Come as you are

in celebration and acceptance


Sing, dance, eat, drink

laugh, talk, whistle, giggle

looke, see, listen, hear


The miracle of our togetherness



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