Politics As (un) Usual

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Politics As (un) Usual

Allowing non-citizen’s to vote??!  What?!  Did I hear that right?”  I was certain I misread a news feed but, sadly, it was true.  There is a growing push in some quarters to legalize voting for non-citizens in the USA.  Apparently it has already begun in California while I was busy preparing for a our daughter’s wedding last fall. I had promised myself to stay well away from the politics of the US Presidential election this year, because no matter what I could say it would be polarizing.  I could feel the indignant “WTF??”   rising up within me, a questioning and agitation that would not be ignored.  How could I ignore/forget/ pretend I didn’t hear this?  I am/will be affected.  Surely I must take a stand?!  How on earth can I know how to vote in the best interests of my country?

Then I heard;  “Peace first, then decisions.”

mansion grounds

Peace first….

We think that choosing the best candidate will bring peace, joy and freedom. We are so certain of these we staked our entire voting process on it.  We have collectively agreed, over and over, year after election year, that “THIS IS OUR ONLY PATH TO PEACE, SECURITY & FREEDOM”. But can this really be true?

Is it the political arena and craziness that affects me or is it my reaction and response to the political arena that affects me?

What if we responded at every level by extending love to every candidate, every platform, every newscast, every frantic debate, every gaff, hustle and shout?

What if every time you saw a frightening candidate, instead of panicking, you paused and said a prayer of gratitude and blessing; “Thank you for your willingness to be part of this complicated process.  Thank you for your contribution to the chaos.  I bless you in Love’s name.”?

California desert

Pause and take a deep breath.

What if every time you saw a Facebook post or video clip or headline you paused and took a deep breath and said:  “Thank you for sharing in this political debate. Thank you for the freedom we enjoy to stage this colorful conversation.  Thank you for showing me so clearly what I can extend love to in this moment!”?

What if every time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, threatened or panicked by the thought of a particular candidate entering the Oval Office you paused and extended a quality of love to your worried self?

The next time you blanche at the sound of your freedom being threatened or your power being usurped or your interests being ignored……..first, breathe and remember these loving words of our Holy Spirit:

HS:  Dear One, you are safe, whole and under God’s loving care in all things. You are worthy of all peace, joy and tenderness.  Let’s breathe in and out together as we remember who we really are.

Let us trust that the process of insanity, shouting, fear and name-calling will indeed usher in this wonderful opportunity to choose love every time you feel fear, see fear or hear fear.  This is the perfect time to return to peace.  Over and over and over again.

Dear One, peace will not arrive because you chose the right candidate.  The right candidate will be chosen from that place of peace and unity within your heart.


Many hands make Love’s work easy.

Let this political season be your practice. Purposely extend love in all parts of the process; to the many ads, the loud talk shows, to the harried protestors, to the candidates and to their overworked staff. Extend love to the system, the season, the constitution.  Extend love to your mate who may vote completely opposite to you, to your best friend who hasn’t voted since 1980 and to your very smartest friend who would make a great choice but who cannot vote because of her country of origin. Extend love to your own beleaguered heart precious one by returning home to peace and joy which is most certainly available to you right now.

Together we are One.  One Heart. One Love. One Truth.

Love votes for All.

Let us all vote for Love.




  1. Beautiful! Peace be with you, and with us all.

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