Love: Fool’s Errand or Lion Tamer?

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Love:  Fool’s Errand or Lion Tamer?

Two years ago today I began my adventure of a Twelvemonth of Self Love by extending love to my epic fears (one fear a month for twelve months) and blogging daily about my experience.  I purposely began blogging on April Fool’s Day as I wasn’t yet totally sure that I wasn’t sending myself on a fool’s errand to see if Love really was enough to meet fear head on.  It feels dramatic to say it changed my life but what it did was totally change my own experience of my life.  By this I mean, life unfolded; events (both once-in-a-lifetime and daily) happened, I met new people, I said good bye, I laughed and cried, itched and swooned, swore like someone who’s washing machine hose is emptying on the floor and spoke like Jesus would.  I railed against the unknown, welcomed my sneakiest fears and fell in love………..with my Self.  Just recently at a conference I met a young woman who asked about my blog and experience of extending love to my epic fears and she asked me “What was the biggest surprise?” I had to think on that for awhile but truly, the biggest surprise by far, was falling in love with my own self.

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Are you sure Love will be enough???!

I think it is inevitable as we are each and every one made of love that if we just spent enough welcome and willingness, notice and tenderness we would all, indeed, fall in love with our selves. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Imagine a world where there is little need for searching, seeking, overpowering or controlling because we all were in the most delicious relationship with our SELVES that we lived from our natural spaciousness of wisdom, beauty, creativity and willingness.  We could ask questions and know that the answers lie within the body of Christ, that Consciousness that is only Love, the All-That-IS that we connect with when we go deeply within.  We would inherently know that love was enough, was the only thing that is real and that as beings of love the universe is, indeed, conspiring on our behalf all the time, every day.  Of course this is already happening but we still try to believe the story we tell ourselves about us instead of believing the truth about us.

full grocery cart

Life’s basket is always full.

As I reread my blog posts I am struck with how much life happens on a minute by minute basis, to everyone.  Life never stops happening. No matter what I do, think or say life just keeps living, unfolding and revealing the truth about me.  I can tell this by how I feel.  If I am happy, relaxed, joyful and at peace life reminds me this is the truth about me.  When I feel miserly, annoyed, overwhelmed or hateful life reminds me this is not the truth about me until I am so uncomfortable that I once again go within and restore that precious relationship with the Divine within. I notice in my blog (& life) over and over again that extending love to my thoughts, the events in front of my face, the world, the very loud mower next door, that I instantly feel better.  The spaciousness that extending love calls into my awareness is my own.  I needn’t look too far to find peace, joy or courage.  It is from this space that I can then ask for guidance, direction or simply the awareness of what IS, that I may swim once again in gratitude.

When I began this adventure of extending love to my epic fears, I really did look at them as wild beasts, lions and tigers and bears (OH MY!) that had constantly threatened, overwhelmed or carried me away from where I wanted to be, from who I wanted to be. Love did indeed tame my lion fears and transformed them into lamb friends. The lions did lay down with the lambs and peace was restored throughout the kingdom………every time.

P.S.  Huge gratitude for Candace & DavidPaul Doyle at the Voice for Love who taught my heart how to hear its Self through the incredible idea of “Extend Love To Your Thoughts”.  Love & always love for your willing hearts. xoxo


  1. Yes! Much Gratitude, Peace, and Blessings!! 🙂

    • Thanks Jill! Always warms my heart to hear from you❤️, xoxo

  2. I love your blog and thank you for it. I know you’ll keep writing and can’t wait to see the book.

    • Dearest Friend, I know with you in my corner there WILL be a book! Thanks always for the love and support, xoxo

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