Forgive My Self-Forgetting….

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Forgive My Self-Forgetting….

It has been three months since my last confession……..umm, I mean blog post. I have been feeling rather drab the last few days.  Unseemly, unsettled, unfocused and uninspired.  Naturally I drenched myself in a series of gratitudes.  The list at first feels dry, forced, even fake but by the “fourth thank you for_______” I can’t hep but notice I am surrounded by blessing of every fashion.  In this place of evening gratitude I open my NTI to this very perfect quote:

“Everything that you see, and the way in which you see it, is a reflection of your feelings and your beliefs about you. Everything that you see is a reflection of HOW YOU SEE YOUR SELF.”—NTI 1 PET p.429

Oh.  Everything I see in my world is a reflection of how I see myself??  Hmph. So, if I am seeing zippadee doo dah…..?  Does this mean I can’t even see myself??  This passage kind of took the wind out of my sails even as the gratitude righted my boat.  I am no longer fearing capsize but am moored in that delicious stillness Holy Spirit loves to speak to me in.

Me:  So, what is my feeling/thought regarding myself that is reflected in what feels like a constant flow of static?

HS:  Dearest One, (I love it when Holy Spirit speaks to me in this way)

There is still present in your awareness the very powerful Presence of Love as well as the flow of judgment that has long existed yet deep and out of your sight.  This affects all of your perception. Now that your awareness of Love’s Presence within you is so powerful, you are ready, indeed you have called forward into the light, this incessant flow of judging your mind goes about on a minute by minute basis.

Now is the time to truly notice this and extend innocence, gentleness and preciousness to this flow.  This flow is not meant to harm or hurt you.  It is a ticker-tape of information, digital 1’s and 0’s attempting to describe the ins and outs of the scene in front of you.

Judgment blinds me to myself.

Judgment blinds me to myself.

Simply notice the flow, notice it means you no harm and ask for your heart’s interpretation of the scene rather than parrot or react to the ticker-tape.  There was a time when this flow felt like a protection of sorts–a bunker of safety.  Now that you no longer feel this, it is a rapid fire attempt to get you to recommit to judging as a problem solving strategy. Judging will never take you where Love will.

Continue to turn toward Love in all things.  Let Love lead the way in all things, large and small.  I will not leave you in this place of either/or, I am with you in ALL THINGS.

Where is your judging blinding you to your Self and the Love that you are capable of?


  1. I have pondered where you have been my experiences are herky, jerky. I wonder about the Doyles as well. I am glad to hear from you again.

    • Dearest Mary, so good to hear your voice. I’m sending you big hugs for all your herky, jerky experiences. You are never alone my precious friend. xoxo

  2. Hi, there! Good to hear/see you.
    The ego gets hooked on the “highs” of all the adventures & events, so who are we when nothing “big” is going on? Ahhh, breathe, there “I Am” in the stillness and peace.
    Feeling the Love and Presence!
    Blessings, my Sister-in-Spirit!!

    • Dearest Jill, than you for this delicious comment! There “I AM” indeed:D xoxox

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