Fear Not Your Path

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Fear Not Your Path

I have noticed it is relatively easy for me to feel overwhelmed. It might be because I have too much on my plate or in my day. Sometimes it is because I find myself embarrassed or feeling oafish at an untoward thought or retort. Finally, I am beginning to see this feeling of overwhelm as more of an alarm clock I set myself to wake me to unloving tendencies or fears rather than the onslaught or annihilation I used to think of it as.  The Holy Spirit reminds me again (and again and again…..) that fear is just a reminder to open my eyes. The next time you feel overwhelmed, or stupid or forgotten, read these words to your own dear heart, and listen for your heart’s tender response.

HS:  Precious One,

We are here together as One, always.

When you feel the feeling of uncertainty or embarrassment, pause and ask but for reminding of your truth; right here, right now.

Glastonbury Abbey

A fear, like the architecture of a cathedral, encourages you to look up just like an alarm clock encourages you to WAKE UP.

Your purpose is always the unfoldment of awareness the Miracle of Love is.

Fear not your path of too much and overwhelm, this is just how you come into blossom.  Do not denegrate your choice.  Allow this time of rest to nourish you and please you.

Let me rearrange the molecules and atoms that make up your life, you need but be honest in each moment and trust me in all things.

Be strong in your faith in your Self who is with you in all things.  Love, revere, tenderly welcome even your insignificant fears.

All will eventually join us at the wedding supper of the Lamb.


  1. Magnificent and well-timed re-Minder!
    Thank You, HS via our Spiritual Sister Eva!

    • It’s what love does for one another. You’re welcome and Thank you always for reading. xoxo

  2. Thanks, I needed that!

    • You are most welcome my precious friend❤️

  3. Crystal clear message delivered once again Eva. Beautifully and clearly written. I always learn from your thoughts, so thank you once again!

    • It’s funny but clarity is always what I’m missing when feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for feeling the clarity, I needed to know that, xoxo

  4. Was feeling a bit overwhelmed myself this morning. Thank you for sharing. Your message fed my spirit too. Luv ya.

    • What joy to hear from you dear Yede-Michelle! I’m so very glad I could share our delicious Holy Spirit & that it touched your heart. Love you❤️

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