1. Day 6: Judgment Meets It’s Maker

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1. Day 6:  Judgment Meets It’s Maker

I frequently begin a post with my thoughts, as that is how I live.  As I am aware of my thoughts and how I relate to them so goes my day.  How I relate to my thoughts produces my experience. So I extend space to my thoughts.

I am afraid I will lose myself and not feel joy in the face of commitment.  I love a fluid space in which to work, I instantly give myself rules and quotas and am hard and judgmental when I commit to a task, whether it is going to the gym, eating well or taking care of business.

It is the powerful judgment that seems to arise in me I don’t like to feel, it makes me feel (very quickly) stupid, hopeless, and inept.  So by NOT committing I keep this swell of judgment from happening……..or so I believe.

Me:  How else can I get anything done save using judgment?

HS:   Now we are getting closer to your truth.

Let us look at what you call judgment.

The process of the mind notices, compares, analyzes.  This is the way it learns.  The mind and its processes are not inherently wrong or bad or even separate.

This judgment you fear is a process of creation:  a trial and error mathematical willingness to try different ways of expression without meaning.

It is you my dear who give meaning to the trial and error process.

All expressions are valuable, not all are needed to be kept in full view or use.

Breathing is a process of taking air in and out of your lungs thereby oxygenating your blood.  You do not need to keep and examine and order by type every breath.

That can have a purpose in diagnosis or research but is not needed for breathing.

Let us look deeper into how you give meaning to judgments.

You have given great import and power to “No.”  This means you are not enough to you.  This is why you avoid saying no because it could imply someone else is not enough.

Dearest One, NO and YES are simply the DNA of the creating process, that is all.  All of the dual nature observations are thus creating tools.

Good/ bad

First Sign of Spring

First Sign of Spring

Up/ down

Light/ dark

In/ out

Go/ stop

Yes/ no

1/ 0

On/ off

The creative process is your world.  This is nothing inherently wrong with creation—it stops, it starts, it lives and dies—but you, my truth, my love, my heart, will always love on.  In you, in Me, in US-AS-One, there is no death, no stop, no off.

Without this duality you have feared and sneered at there would be no creation.  What you fear is fear; that heavy forgetting sleep that covers over the truth absolutely inherent in each and every moment.


Me:  So how do I allow myself to take part in creation without fear?


HS:    By your willingness to notice the fear.

Allow yourself a moment to ask what fears are present in your process, at  any point in the process you feel stopped, heavy, agitated or stone cold apprehension—ASK.

These doubt or uncertainties alert you to the fact you have utterly forgotten you are Love.

Pause. Breath, ASK what to do.

It is the weaving in of asking regularly and without dread or shame that imbues creation with joy and delight.

You see, you only know a part of yourself, the part that is you, Eva.

In asking, you call for the wholeness, the ALL-IS-ONE of you. This is where all needs are met, all questions answered, all joy and delight emanate.

Your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Consciousness-of-All is never judging your worth, value or right to be.


Only the part attempts to judge the Whole.

When you pause, breath and allow the inherent goodness of the Whole to come into your awareness, you, too, do not need the judgment of meaning.



  1. OMG EVA…I choose to give this beautiful creation that is your project a “judgement” of BRAVO! Yippee! YOU GO GIRL! Your Holy Spirit so beautifully articulates the Truth about judgment here. I have read all the posts so far and it is helping me dig deeper into what it means and feels like to “extend love” again. Thank you for the timeliness of your project for me as I create my days. Hugs, M.A. xoxo

    • Sweet MA, thanks for your comments. I am so happy these words remind you of the deliciousness of extending love. It is so fun to do together! xo

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