1. Day 2: A Daily Commitment of Self Love

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1. Day 2:  A Daily Commitment of Self Love

So we begin with commitment.  Ugh, yuck & yippee.  This is where the rubber meets the road (hopefully without the added mess of road kill.)  My husband who truly wrote the book on commitment started the day with exhaustion in his voice.  I asked him what he needed that he wasn’t getting?  His answer:  relief, time, quiet & completion.  This is, in a nutshell, why I fear commitment to a task.  I have seen it lead to this:

tasks done = peace, relief, joy

tasks not done = tension, hurry, anger.

As Holy Spirit guided I will begin extending love to commitment. For the next 30 days.  Then we will choose another epic fear (more likely it will be revealed it me) and do the same thing for another 30 days and so on (Twelvemonth here we come!)

(note to self:  committed means both ALL IN, 100%, fully on board as well as crazy and on your way to the asylum……….I’m just sayin’)

I asked HS to please start with a definition.  (Dictionaries are my other practice)

 HS:  Committed is being fully present.  It is being willing to be fully present in a particular way—with a person, a task, an organization or an idea.

Committed is another word for whole-going.  Wholeness is a natural part of your being, a facet, a way of looking at Presence.

Commitment is a reminder to be wholly present, even when it gets rocky, or hot or scary.

Fear not commitment

Fear not commitment

Commit to noticing how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what is your heart saying.  Imagine you are committed to another person.  You believe that is being fully present with them, being wholly available and being completely willing to assure their happiness and ease.

Ask now, how can you do this with grace and unto yourself?

Can you be committed to being fully present with yourself?

Can you commit to being wholly available to yourself?

Can you commit to being completely willing to assure yourself of happiness and ease?

Wow!  I would love to be able to commit to myself in these ways.  I can’t do it alone.

HS:  You will need your whole Self.  I am always with you.  Let us begin.

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