1. Day 1: A Twelvemonth of Self Love

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1. Day 1:  A Twelvemonth of Self Love

Getting Started.  I have been guided to write and experience 12 months of extending love to my deepest fears, my nemeses in fact.  The ones I really don’t want to look at unless forced (usually at the hands of the unexpected or an emergency).

These are my thoughts I am aware of at the moment:

Why wouldn’t I want to do this?

What is this feeling I’m feeling right now?

Doomed to failure. Flash in the pan. No stick-to-it-iveness. Lazy. It’s hard and not worth the effort.  I don’t have to.  I don’t know how.   A commitment to work traps you (& those around you).

Could love really make a difference to how I feel?


This is the real question.

Can Love make a difference in my daily life?

What if Love made ALL THE DIFFERENCE?

What if extending Love to my thoughts saved the world?

What if practicing extending Love to my thoughts returned me to truth, to myself, and to God?

How could I practice this in a way that would be truly helpful?

One month

30 qualities of Love         X     12   (do it again & again)

1 epic fear

Where do I start?

Right here.  Where you are.
Fear of commitment.

I extend truth to my fears

I extend truth to my fears

No way I am afraid to commit.  I’ve been married over 30 years.  I don’t’ give up easily.  I have friends for life.

Holy Spirit:  Precious One.  Be still a moment and breathe.  This is a year of practice of extending love to your thoughts, your fears and your feelings.  Committing to a practice is the purpose of your life.

Practice hearing your heart—

The truth about you—

The treasure of you—

The wonder and power of you—

Attachment is not the same as commitment.

I already feel cornered and breathless.  I see why we leap in faith, my next step seems to be into open air……..

Dearest One,

I am here.  Always.

You cannot go wrong—truly you cannot.

Whether you commit to a twelvemonth of loving yourself or not, the truth of you is always true.

The truth of you is always with you.

The truth of you is the truth of Me—we are One and holy and infinite.

How can that be true, I feel such terror, a naked nausea at the idea of commitment to such an impossible scenario?

Dear One,

Fear not.

You already ARE love, this twelvemonth will open your own eyes irrevocably to this truth, this fact, this infinite state of                   being.  All the love you feel for others; the love you feel for your husband, your children, your country, your tea & biscuits,             is but a glimpse of the efficacious healing power of loving your Self.

You feel guilty because you leave yourself out of your own imagined equation of life.  What you think of life simply cannot              include your full Self—your full, real, whole Self cannot fit into the finite life you have created.  Your life is a story.  It is a                  good story, a delicious story, an epic story, yet it IS a story.

Allow yourself to sit for just a minute with this thought:

My life is a story I tell myself.

Me:  This terrifies and thrills me in equal parts.

HS:  What if you could have your story and love the storyteller too?


  1. Eva, this is PERFECT!!!!! I’m in too! Holy Spirit keeps circling me back to the topics of self-love, trust and fear, so how amazing is it that I can take this journey with you, one of my dearly loved beloved companions!

    • Sally!!! So good to hear from you! Holy Spirit is such a dear Friend that I decided I am finally ready to go “ALL-IN”. So glad you are coming along too:)

  2. Super interesting. I feel like our purpose on this earth is to find joy and to serve others. But in that journey we forget to sit still and appreciate who we are and how divine we are

    • I couldn’t agree more Kathleen. I love the way you expressed it:
      “Appreciate WHO we are and how DIVINE we are”. Amen & amen. Thanks so much for visiting the blog.xx

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