Qualities of Love

2. Day 16: Oh Joy. Oh Crap.

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2. Day 16:  Oh Joy. Oh Crap.

Today’s fear in the “21 Fear Salute” is ever present in each one of us.  It may be what is behind the two-year old declaring “I DO IT MYSELF!” as much as it is behind the 40 year old Mom cursing under her breath “I always have to do everything myself!”  Why are we so afraid to ask for help?  What do we think this says about us? That we are losers?  weenies? hopeless & ill plan-worthy?  Or is the fear of asking for help serving a deeper purpose?   7. Fear of Asking for Help The fear of asking for help is also about my own desire to control both...

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2. Day 14: The Flavors of Love

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2. Day 14:  The Flavors of Love

Just in case anyone is feeling tired of looking fear in the eyes I will let you know I am feeling a bit the same way.  I mean, why can’t we just focus on love?  I am realizing that is exactly what is happening with my willingness to look at fear.  Fear IS just a call for love and looking at it is answering in love.  So let’s dive into another fear from the “21 Fear Salute”, shall we?   5. The Fear of Vastness Me:  Holy Spirit, “the fear of vastness” seems like the same fear as “fear of the bigger picture”, is it? How can I extend love to fear...

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2. Day 10: I Am Enough

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2. Day 10:   I Am Enough

I will continue with the “21 Fear Salute”  which acknowledges the cluster of thoughts and fears depression includes and ask Holy Spirit about each one. Me:  HS, please help me understand why closed questions are a part of the thoughts of depression? HS:  Closed questions keep all focus within easy reach.  They keep you from noticing your thoughts, feelings, and your true voice. Me:  What is a closed question, an example? 2. Closed questions HS:  “Why is this happening?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “Why is everything so hard?” “Why is it never easy?” “What’s the point?” A closed...

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