2. Day 10: I Am Enough

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2. Day 10:   I Am Enough

I will continue with the “21 Fear Salute”  which acknowledges the cluster of thoughts and fears depression includes and ask Holy Spirit about each one.

Me:  HS, please help me understand why closed questions are a part of the thoughts of depression?

HS:  Closed questions keep all focus within easy reach.  They keep you from noticing your thoughts, feelings, and your true voice.

Me:  What is a closed question, an example?

2. Closed questions

HS:  “Why is this happening?”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Why is everything so hard?”

“Why is it never easy?”

“What’s the point?”

A closed questions really is not seeking an answer, it simply is a display of being unwilling to be in the present moment.

Me:  Why is the present moment being avoided?

HS:  There is a deep certainty that you will not be enough, that there is little you can do, say, think, offer, give, be that will be enough so little is tried.  Depression, being a state of feeling powerless repeats again and again:

            “I am not enough.”

            “Life is not enough.”

            “Love is not enough.”

            “Friends are not enough.”

            “The world is not enough.”

This powerful circling energy effectively blocks the awareness of the aliveness of life—the strength and efficacy of inner power is entirely forgotten.

So forgotten even the idea of inner power is anathema.

Me:  Well, this seems hopeless.  What can I do if I feel this way or someon I love feels this way?

HS:  An effective and deceptively simple practice is to sit quietly and repeat:

            I am enough.

Repeat this several times.  Then notice what you notice.  Do you notice a thought sneering?  Does your foot itch?  Are you hungry?  Do you remember you mustn’t be late for work again?

Again, breathe deeply with a slow inhale and slow exhale and repeat:

I AM enough.

I AM enough.

            I am  (in-hale)

            enough. (ex-hale)

Try this several times throughout your day.  Especially do this when assailed by a closed question or a feeling of hopelessness or pointlessness.

            I am enough.

You needn’t even believe this in order for it to be effective.

            I am enough.

This is the truth about you:  you are enough.

This is not a string of words or a platitude.  It is the truth.

You are enough.

Say again:

            I am enough.

Feel the spaciousness of this truth opening the eyes and ears of your heart. 

Relax and remember:

            I am enough.

Any time you feel distressed or exhausted let “I am enough” remind you of the truth about your self.


  1. I do agree with this completely. Louise Hay shares in her book ” you can heal your life” that everything links back to this one fear, that we are not ever ” good enough or ever going to be” In her ministry everyone feels this way, she starts counseling here. She has her clients start with mirror exercises. And look themselves in the eyes and repeat” I Love you” And ” I am enough”. And if we listen to Spirit we will indeed hear many put downs from ego telling us why we should remain, afraid, lethargic etc. we must talk back.

    • Mary, thank you for reminding us of our wonderful Louise Hay’s work and mission. I still consult “You Can Heal Your Life” to remind myself of a fresh perspective on healing.

  2. This is so true. When I’m feeling hopeless, overwhelmed with minutia that is out of my control I do something similar, I repeat Phil 4:13 until I feel I can go on. 🙂

    • There couldn’t be a better mantra of trust and relief: Phil 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

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