But Not Without Self Love

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But Not Without Self Love

It is dawning on me now, that self love is the big leagues in the game of Life and Love.  We can love our children, our neighbor, the flag, our country, our spouse, our house.  We can love chocolate, green grass, cherry pie, clean sheets and of course our dogs and cats (and gerbils, elephants and the snake that kitty keeps bringing into the house).  But without self love the circle is not yet complete.

As I looked back on this amazing year of extending love to my fears (and thoughts, feelings and just about everything else) these truths about Self Love revealed themselves to me today, as I celebrated April Fools Day (one year ago today I launched my blog amongst my peers).

15 Truths About Self Love

1.  No healing is complete without Self Love.

2.  No story is over without Self Love.

3.  No journey is concluded without Self Love.

4.  No child ever truly grows up without Self Love.

5.  No success is ever enough without Self Love.

6.  No truth is ever whole without Self Love.

7.  No faith is ever empowered without Self Love.

8.  No reason can explain reality without Self Love.

9.  No gift is ever fully received without Self Love.

10. No treasure is discovered without Self Love.

11. No power completes its circuit without Self Love.

12. No sacrifice ever makes sense without Self Love.

13. No true safety can be experienced without Self Love.

14. No sense of completion is fully realized without Self Love.


love the entire song

Self Love sings the the ENTIRE song of Love.

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