A Course of Love

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A Course of Love

Late last year, smack dab in the middle of the wedding hubbub I came across a breathtaking spiritual text I couldn’t get enough of.  It was as if I had found a new translation of the Bible, I had never dared believe existed.  This text, these words, this book straight from the heart of Jesus into my own (bedraggled, exhausted, hurried) heart was indeed the salvation I had asked for.  Because I was so desperate for any and all help to stretch time, bring eternity into our midst and because I was grateful to sit (even if only for a moment) and just listen, I was smitten from the first words…….of the final section of the book, The Forty Days & Forty Nights (it just so happened to be exactly 40 days before the wedding when I picked up the book thus I felt not only compelled but invited to dive into this final part of the book). This is completely out of character for me to start at the end of the book but I really needed to know how it all turned out.  I didn’t have time for “In the beginning there was the Word….”  I needed to cut to the chase, find out what the word was and use it FAST or lose everything.  This is the quote that immediately told me I had come to the right place and felt so lovingly seen and treasured I nearly wept (tears being one the the ways I feel the Holy Spirit):

“Now is the time to come into full acceptance of the human self as well as the Self of unity. It is time for the final merging of the two into the one Self, the elevated Self of form.”—–A Course Of Love 40. 2:1  Mari Perron, First Receiver

My eyes widened as I thought “This is what is happening!!” This crazy, wonderful, impossible wedding/Christmas/moving/end of tax year/ visitors/ (did I mention wedding?) time was the catalyst enabling the merging of my human self with the Self of unity! Integration was happening, I wasn’t going crazy!  I wasn’t going to expire! This event ladened time was conspiring with me to deliver me into this elevated Self of form (whatever that was, it sounded delicious). So the message was “Accept Your Self” as you are right now, right here, no exceptions.  I couldn’t have done anything else.  All I had was right here, right now and I was way to tired to voice exceptions.

shabby chic

Accept your human self as well as your Self of unity.

This text has become my constant companion.  It truly is A Course of Love, a message from the Holy Spirit of Jesus, a playbook of sorts in what it might look like to always live in the full awareness of Love’s Presence, right here on earth (it was handy because I was & am still right here on earth with my human self in tow). For years I have been practicing extending love to everything; my thoughts, feelings, my neighbor, politics, the garage etc. and here was the book I needed and infinitely desired to confirm to my heart that I was right on track and in the middle of the biggest miracle I had yet to witness.

I will continue to share my experiences reading this book.  It isn’t so much a textbook as a (really long) post-it note reminder to my self that my Self is surely Love and Love is always present….oh, and God is Love and always has been.

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