9. Day 7: Joy Is A Loving Use Of Money

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9. Day 7:  Joy Is A Loving Use Of Money

I have been concerned with money on this trip.  Did we overextend?  Will there be enough?  Everything is so much more expensive than I anticipated (everyone said this would happen).  And add to this a 20% VAT (Value Added Tax) on everything; hotel, fuel, food, all purchases, even BNI memberships and plumbing costs.  It is easy to either panic and buy more than I need or go to ground and withdraw and not fully experience our time which has been truly gifted us.  It has been good to have a more working week just gone.  Events, meetings, networking and getting to know our sister region.  I just noticed in packing (we moved to a new location yesterday) that I haven’t purchased anything but food and drink for two weeks.  I must admit I long for a bit of shopping.  Why?  I truly have everything I need and more.  I was after an experience of joy and peace after all, not a bag of goodies.  All of this led to asking Holy Spirit re money, spending and purpose.

Me:   Please guide me in an effective loving use of money on our trip (and beyond).  What can I do when that feeling of “I’m-gonna’-miss-out-I’d-better-buy-this-now” comes along?

HS:  Ask yourself:  What does this give me that I don’t already have?  How/where will I use it?  Can I capture the feeling, memory, moment another way? (drawing in journal, take a photo, write a blog post)

See deeply rather than much.

See deeply rather than much.

Me:  How will I know an item or experience we choose is a yes?

HS:  You will feel solid and clear, no doubts, no questions.  When doubts or questions arise, walk away. It could be timing or the signal “This is not for me”.  I will not  allow you missing out on what is truly important to you, you have nothing to fear.

Me:  But are we already overextending ourselves?  What do I need to do now/here to set boundaries for spending?

HS:  You are extending yourselves, you cannot OVER-extend what you truly are.  As for boundaries, ask, ask, ASK.  I will always guide you.  This trip is about a sabbatical for your soul, a reacquainting with gentleness, spaciousness, creativity and inspiration.  Don’t buy what you can find online.  You don’t need to weigh yourself down with any books.  Look for talismans of truth to re-mind you of the wholeness and serenity you are feeling.

Look and notice what is spent each day.  Be conscious, give thanks.

Me:  Thank you.  Help me be a good steward of our money.  I felt absolutely led into this trip and I know you cannot abandon us now we are here.  What else do I need to know?

HS:  Eat breakfast at home.  Walk. Drink water.  Cook at home as guided.  See deeply rather than much. Give thanks daily, consciously.  Allow time for contemplation.  Set up time for work and writing. Notice if you’ve had a day or days of uber-spending–was anything else going on?  Feeling rushed? missing routine?

There is no need to worry about money. or anything else on this trip.  Let your Spirit guide and flow unimpeded by worry.  Balance will occur.  Wholeness will be experienced.


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