9. Day 31: Fear Not, LOVE Now, Fun Revealed

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9. Day 31:  Fear Not, LOVE Now, Fun Revealed

I am just waking up on New Year’s Eve in London, I received a “Happy New Year!!!’ message and happy faces photo from long time friends in New Zealand and my peeps back in California are not quite to bed on Dec 30.  In a moment such as this it seems quite obvious that NOW includes both past, present and future.  NOW is replete with everything everyone needs in any given moment, everywhere.  Even without thinking of “spiritual” help or divine inspiration or guidance, the earth and all it’s inhabitants (the original Globe Theater!) when seen as one, do, indeed, have everything required.  It may take time to see healing or resolution or relief but it is here, right now in some form waiting to be revealed.

This is the moment where we tend to look back and forward at the same time, giving thanks for what was and will be and listing all those things we are devilishly relieved are “over”.  For our extended family, this year has included graduations, weddings, commissioning, engagements, births, moving, heartache, joy, chemotherapy, surgery, leaks, prosperity, discovery and wonder. We have loved our way through all that life has brought us, which, in the end, is all we can do. Or as one friend puts it “I’ve done everything else, all I can do is chuck love at it.”  This year passing has been grand because of the love we have chucked at it, that is what made the year.  Not so much the milestones or accomplishments or bereavements but the LOVE.

Love to fun

I read this as “LOVE to FUN”, sounds like a great motto for 2015 & beyond!

What I wish for, hope for and am envisioning for all is that we continue getting better at extending love to our thoughts, circumstances, feelings and world. The more love we extend the more we get to hang out in the remembrance of Love, that is truly the greatest abundance we would hope for.  In hanging out in Love we begin to remember that we are, indeed, Love.  Go ahead give thanks, be relieved, plan and make a New Year’s Resolution but add that beautiful, ever-present awareness of Love and nothing can stand in your way of truly living joy.

This is also the end of my month of extending love to the fear of living joy every day.  It would seem “easier” to practice living joy while on holiday, yet it has given me the greatest perspective and I will always remember the feeling of joy as a social lubricant (rather than wine or coffee or busyness) and will, no doubt, return over and over to this feeling of openness, light and life when the forgetting of our daily work life returns.  Or maybe my familiarity with joy is so strong now it will stay with me as we return tomorrow to our regularly scheduled program called “Our Life in California”.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of extending love to my epic fears this year.  My Twelvemonth is not yet finished (I started in April) and I look forward to see what delicious fears we plumb the depths of in the New Year.  Short version of my Twelvemonth so far, and for life in general:


GOOD BYE 2014, HELLO 2015!!!



  1. I was tempted to write “Goodbye fears, Hello love” but changed my mind.
    Taking your advice and chucking love at my fears.
    Befriending ALL parts of myself is my intention for 2015.
    Happy Wholeness in the New Year!
    Love and Blessings to you.

    • I think “Happy Wholeness in the New Year” is officially my new year’s greeting! I love it!! Love, blessings and all the joy of Our Wholeness to you too dear one! xoxo

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