9. Day 22: My Flat In London

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9. Day 22:  My Flat In London

We have arrived in our flat in London for Christmas.  It is wonderful, sumptuous and feels like a real home.  I do not know the owners but they take the magazines I would if I lived here. They love art, family and good furniture and have great lighting. I am sending them all kinds of love and joy for Christmas just for the warm welcoming flat (including tea in the cupboard).  It was an arduous journey made with mostly cheerful faces though by the end of the day we were exhausted. Our day started in Carnforth with a sassy female Cabbie who could have been a character in a novel.  She had a thick Lancashire accent (“It’s me own cab I sez to ‘im, I can do wha’ I like!”) with loads of kindness to boot. We arrived at the station in plenty of time and even had a quick cappuccino and bacon buttie before the train arrived.  When the train finally arrived it was a push to get aboard as I described yesterday.  There were not enough carriages for such a busy day and definitely not enough room for all the luggage everyone had with them for the holidays.  Each carriage has only enough storage space for 2-3 large bags in the front or rear and overhead shelves for smaller pieces like briefcases, very small carry on items, coats and scarves.  Needless to say luggage was piled up everywhere.

Euston Station

Euston Station!

We had to change trains in Crewe with only minutes to spare.  This was no small feat.  With so many people and so much luggage, both ours and theirs, our bags ended up on three different carriages and we were spread out just to keep an eye on the luggage and to be near enough to each piece to be able to off load quickly.  We all just slumped into our seats and looked out the window, listened to music or closed our eyes for a brief rest.  I sent up thanks and a prayer for baggage handlers.

As we neared London we received a call from the apartment rental company that the girl meeting us with the key was waiting but at a totally different address than we were given.  We had a few rushed phone calls in busy Euston Station to sort out what turned out to be a mix up of contact numbers given to the staff who were meeting guests.  We confirmed our address and set out in a taxi, again, packed to the gills with luggage and four adults.

Arriving (still at the wrong house number) we called our greeter to see where she was and she answered the phone with “I can SEE YOU, turn around, I am waving at you!!!!”  Sure enough, there was Rima six houses down and across the street. I was never so glad to see someone.  We struggled down the street and up the stairs with the bags and gratefully entered our last home away from home. Whew!!  It was like arriving in Heaven. The flat was warm, the lights were on, each and every room was delicious in a different way.  The 15 foot ceilings, marble fireplace and ten foot book cases got my attention.  The chinoiserie lamps and gold and marble table broke out a smile on my face but to find a long, squishy, nap worthy sofa complete with needlepoint pillows and reading sconces I nearly swooned with gratitude.  We are,  indeed, home for the holidays.  Now all we need is a Christmas tree and a bowl of tangerines.


  1. Awesome! Have a wonderful blessed Christmas!

    • Happy Christmas to you dear Jill! Thank you for going on my journey with me this year:) xoxo

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