9. Day 12: Joy Is Not An Afterthought

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9. Day 12:  Joy Is Not An Afterthought

I am feeling joy in so very many areas yet feeling joy within my body lags behind.  I try to listen, notice and be aware of what my body needs but the thrill, excitement and wonder of the moment leaves me ordering a second glass of mulled cider and another mince pie.  We are doing plenty of walking yet my lumbering pace rugged up against the weather makes for very slow going which is not quite as beneficial.  However, I am doing lots of stairs (at the moment we are staying with friends in a glorious four story turn of the century house), hills and hoisting plenty of bags.  Still……..am I feeling joy?? I asked Holy Spirit, again, how to keep attuned to my body.

Me:  How can I best stay attuned to my body both during trip in daily life?

HS:  Listen and give thanks. Dearest one, your body is not an after-thought, a mistake or a trick.  It is a gift to yourself so you can take notice of each and every moment, allowing fully agreement with inside and out.

Bird feeder in the snow.

Bird feeder in the snow.

Wholeness in the body is fully integration in Love’s Awareness.  Notice what nourishes and delights, notice what drains and exhausts, follow the joy and and peace.  Dearest one, keeping your food and drink simple is the key.  You can have anything, just give each thing plenty of space and time to absorb and give you what gifts it brings.

Do not overwhelm your body with heavy amounts or stagnation.  Allow movement and plenty of space and time for digestion.  There is no reason to shut down this communication device, it is your friend.

The beauty of your holidays is the string of holy days that will put you in touch again and again with who and what you are.  This reminder will realign you on the same vibration of your heart.  Let love and joy be your guide.  Open to new ways of expressing your own joy and wholeness.  Sing joyfully, dance with ease and include new friends in fresh ways.



  1. I’ve been giving my body more attention than ever before. It is part of my self-love and self-care practice. Sorry it’s taken 60 years before deciding to start this practice, but good thing it’s not too late.
    There is much joy in the balance of this practice!

    • I guess this is the reason for any pain, discomfort or agitation……to induce self love and self care. Why does it take so long to get this message?? Glad you are finding joy in the practice! xoxo

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