9. Day 11: The Joy Of Two Foreign Butlers

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9. Day 11:  The Joy Of Two Foreign Butlers

I tasted a long forgotten joy today; that of caring for a baby.  What a delight to get to be the two “foreign butlers” and pitch in on a busy day of work, appointments and much sanding (click here to see what his momma is doing).  This being said, my post is quiet short day (all parents etc will understand).  The joy I noticed today was how lovely it was (and is) to have the privilege of playing and caring for the baby without any other responsibilities (something you rarely get to experience).  To be off from work, away from home and having delegated practically everything we have the time and awareness to receive the true joy of a tiny soul that is without any effort just filling up the room.

What can you do or notice today that is a forgotten source of joy?  Do it with great pleasure.

Rock on.......

Rock on…….

bathing baby

Bathing baby!

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  1. Wonderful, moving photos, just so full of love.

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