8. Day 9: This Energy Of Falseness

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8. Day 9:  This Energy Of Falseness

It is funny that I am hoping to know Not-Knowing.  But maybe something else is happening.  There is a merging on the horizon and I am determined to both see wholeness here and experience it within my self.  Holy Spirit continues:

HS:  Not-Knowing is friend and place.  Being and doing.  Knowing and not-knowing.

Not-Knowing acts as an instant meditation, if you allow the release of you fears of Not-Knowing. It is time to understand fear.  You still think you are afraid OF something.  Fear is but one thing. Refusing to be here in this moment with Me, afraid of specific outcomes is the form this takes.

If you can distract your self with terrible possibilities and then spend time deciding which one you prefer, you are effectively no longer present.  Notice fear without the OF.  What does it feel like? Where is it located?  Is it asking to be fed? Is it wanting others to join it?

Fear is not out to get you, fear is out to BE you.

When you notice this energy of falseness you can relax into the Not-Knowing.  From there you can ask again:  “What do I need right now?”  In this way you will listen to your heart of hearts.

Love is the truth about me.

Love is the truth about me.

Fear is not the truth about you.

Me:  So……………um…………am I missing the point of extending love to epic fears?

HS:  Certainly not.  The point is in extending love over and over again in and to all conditions you are reminding your self you are love.

In Love is your salvation.med

In Love is your joy.

In Love is your peace.

Twelvemonth of Self Love is an intense recalibration of your intention at the cellular level.  You are indeed reminding all of you Love is the truth about me.

Continue sharing in this way.  This is all you need to know right now.

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