8. Day 7: A Deep Clear Inbreath of God

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8. Day 7:  A Deep Clear Inbreath of God

I am trying not to see my earache as a metaphor of my unwillingness not to hear the truth re Not-Knowing, but it is almost impossible not to.  What is new for me is to “stay with” my earache in tenderness, welcome and care rather than “What the heck can I do to get rid of this??!!”  I will bet that my earache will last as long as it lasts regardless and I have before me the continual choice to delight in this or suffer in this.  Honestly (and when I say that I mean it deeply having spent a month  co-habitating with honesty without a license) I would really rather delight than suffer.

This morning when a bath and meditation was my prescription I came back to this beautiful and instantly helpful description of meditation:

“Meditation, done properly in whatever form it takes, has as its basic function the conscious absorption of life force into your body so you can have access to more power more energy and more awareness.

Meditation is a state where you are constantly recharging the LIGHT WITHIN, which gives you power to do anything you want.

[Inbreath] is the receiving of vaster energies and the surrender to that feeling.  No action, no thought, just feeling.  But to take a deep, clear inbreath of God, you must first remove any obstacles that stand in the way. (Face them and they will begin to loosen their hold on you.)”——Reflections of An Elder Brother, Bartholomew

Me:  Thank you for this time of quiet.  Please direct me in how I can practice extending love to Not-Knowing, accepting Not-Knowing in a sea of wanting-to-know that is my daily life (especially here at a bustling conference).

HS:  Be.

The Awareness

A deep clear inbreath of God…..

Be quiet.

Be still.

Be whole.

Be true.

Be here.

Be always.

Be innocent.

Be trust.

Be truth.

Be willing.


Me:  This is such relief and guidance.  I don’t have to be excited (or not) I can just BE.  What luxury, what spaciousness, what NOW?

Go ahead, take a deep clear inbreath of God right now, close your eyes and take a deep, long breath.  Slowly let it out to a count of 1……2………3………………..4……………………………………….5.  Do this three times.  Then read the BEing list from Holy Spirit above again.  You already are, now, you can feel it too.

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