8. Day 5: 100 Reasons Not-Knowing Is My Friend

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8. Day 5:  100 Reasons Not-Knowing Is My Friend

Dearest Holy Spirit, please open my heart and mind to the ways to practice extending love and being in the not-knowing without fear. Help me to see this as Friend. (Holy Spirit loves speaking to me in lists)

100 Reasons Why Not-Knowing Is My Friend

  1. I don’t know everything
  2. I can rest in that acknowledgment
  3. I don’t have to know everything
  4. I don’t have to find somebody else who does know
  5. I can be at peace while not-knowing therefore not-knowing cannot hurt me
  6. Not-knowing releases me from specific outcomes
  7. Not-knowing is a store of all possibilities
  8. Jesus faced & befriended not-knowing
  9. So, then, can I
  10. Jesus is my friend who showed me how
  11. Trust is a beautiful way to practice not-knowing
  12. Trust says:  I am OK with what is, was, will be
  13. Not-knowing is expansive
  14. Not-knowing remains kind at all levels
  15. The strength of not-knowing is surrender
  16. The creative potentiality of not-knowing is willingness
  17. Breathing is a connection to the not-knowing
  18. I am reminded with every breath I am part of an infinite Life
  19. Not-knowing is at peace with both known & unknown potentialities
  20. Not-knowing does not fear itself
  21. Not-knowing cannot fear life
  22. All cannot fear all
  23. Fear is only present as a brief moment of possibility when the ALL is forgotten
  24. Focusing my attention on my body is a good way to practice being with the not-knowing
  25. I do not-know what each cell is doing
  26. I do not-know what each atom is doing
  27. I do not-know what each article & electron is doing
  28. Yet, in that not-knowing ALL is working together for good
  29. Relaxing into my body presence is a microcosm of relaxing into that infinite presence of not-knowing I am within
  30. I am within & without simultaneously
  31. I don’t have to know what anything is for
  32. I can trust this not-knowing
  33. I have everything I need
  34. I always have everything I need
  35. I know everything I need to know
  36. I always know everything I need to know
  37. To practice being with not-knowing: meditate on a single color and allow it to be as is
  38. Meditate on three colors, unmixed and allow them to be as is
  39. Be with the potentiality of the colors within and remain quiet
  40. Allow two colors to mix and create new colors
  41. Welcome the mixing while welcoming the single third color remaining as it is
  42. Pause & remember the joy of not-knowing what these colors can create when allowed to roam and mix freely
  43. Meditate on light—a candle, a lamp, the sun (eyes closed)
  44. Allow the many gifts of light to speak to your heart
  45. Be at peace with the gifts not-known
  46. Light contains all color
  47. Not-knowing contains all knowing
  48. Welcome this seeing
  49. Not-knowing is my friend because it has no agenda
  50. I already live in the not-knowing
  51. The not-knowing lives in me
  52. Being at peace with this gives me infinite strength
  53. Not-knowing trusts me
  54. Not-knowing loves me
  55. Not-knowing cares for me
  56. Not-knowing is a quality of God
  57. Not-knowing is a quality of Love
  58. Love is a quality of not-knowing
  59. I am Love
  60. I am also not-knowing
  61. There is nothing to fear
  62. Fear is a specific point of possibility whose potentiality has not yet been loved, accepted, welcomed
  63. In love, acceptance & welcome fear’s suffering melts away
  64. Loving what is is another way to practice being with not-knowing
  65. Loving what is releases you into that greater not-knowing that holds all
  66. Not-knowing IS
  67. Loving not-knowing is also loving what is
  68. Think of 3 things you do not know right now—give thanks for this beautiful opportunity to practice not-knowing
  69. Give great thanks to not-knowing
  70. Not-knowing thanks me too
  71. Not-knowing is a great gain of Self
  72. Healing yourself is all about being at peace with not-knowing
  73. Wisdom does not know more, it simply ceases running from not-knowing
  74. The tree of knowledge of good & evil is in the garden forest of not-knowing
  75. It is an infinite forest
  76. There are many trees of all kinds
  77. Delight in this not-knowing
  78. You are this garden forest
  79. The Universe knows you
  80. The not-knowing knows you
  81. The Universe is but part of the not-knowing
  82. You have nothing to fear
  83. Not-knowing allows the great presence of Life in all to be recognized
  84. Not-knowing is my friend because I can love not-knowing
  85. Anything I can love is my friend
  86. I can love anything
  87. I can love everything
  88. I don’t have to pick & choose who/what I love
  89. I can love with tender abandon
  90. This loving without conditions illuminates the beautiful not-knowing
  91. I don’t have to get-to-know the not-knowing
  92. I can simply be at peace & joy within the not-knowing
  93. I can not-know myself in peace & joy
  94. I can also know myself in peace & joy
  95. All answers come from the not-knowing
  96. All questions come from the not-knowing
  97. Questions & answers are always born & created together
  98. There is nothing greater than the not-knowing
  99. I can live with this
  100. I can live and love with not-knowi

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