8. Day 25: Traveling Poems

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8.  Day 25:  Traveling Poems

Yesterday’s sunrise was breathtaking, all orange and pink and cold. Today thy sky hung heavy with cloud.  A perfect day for staying in.





“Today We Give Thanks”

Frost, powder-white and glistening

heavy wadding of cloud taking up space Kensington street

on the moor

rocket cars oblivious

to the beauty surrounding

their passage

Today, we declare, a day of rest

Let the Snug be enough

close, warm, with peephole windows

to the passing world

Today we give thanks

for this day of days

here and now

breath and comfort

life and living

Enough.  It is entirely enough.

“Good Morning”

Morning becomes life again today

birds awaken with vocal cheer

certain their song benefits all

geese in Kensington ParkIt does.

The body is slower to vocalize joy

lumbering and sputtering

ready for hot tea and toast

finally able to acknowledge the sweet message

of birdsong

I greet the morning with awe

a sigh of relief

We two are here together

companions of Life and Love

willing to

Let it be thus

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