8. Day 20: The Speed Of Darkness

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8. Day 20:  The Speed Of Darkness

The sun set at 4:07 pm today.  Even at noon the sun is low in the sky.  There is just not lots of light compared to what I am used to in California, we are much farther north than I realized.  This lack of light and early darkness is bringing an unexpected benefit.  It slows us down even further.  My husband is Australian and we often joke, even in California, that if a cloud passes in front of the sun he wilts or falls asleep.  So when 4:30 pm rolls around and the sun has disappeared we automatically start slowing down and looking for the train home.

Darkness is like silence for the eyes.  It allows a different kind of stillness and a narrower focus.  Yesterday I saw how silence was leading me to simplicity.  Darkness is doing the same thing.  There are marvelous structures and buildings full of history that are highlighted magnificently at night.  In the dark these edifices are illuminated as if on stage.  This beckons pause and greater contemplation than if we could see everything at once.

Darkness is like silence for the eyes.

We visited Westminster Abbey in the latter half of the day and could see the stained glass only partially before the

Westminster Abbey, London

Darkness, silence for the eyes.

sun set completely.  I was disappointed but then I noticed how few people were there at that low light time.  Though we were not alone we were not in a crowd at all.  I was able to sit in quietness and prayer during evensong with eyes closed and listen to the organ.  I would certainly not have closed my eyes to the magnificent bejeweled stained glass had the sun been streaming through.  Obviously this is exactly what I needed since this is what happened.  I lit candles for my family and friends and my brothers at large asking for peace, joy, healing and abundance for all and for the awareness to experience these precious qualities of Love.

Slowing down to the speed of silence and darkness has its advantages.  My heart can speak at a whisper and I can hear just fine.  Try it for yourself,  sit quietly in the half light and breathe, listen only to the rise and fall of your chest.  Notice the quiet when you turn out your light tonight before bed, and give thanks for the darkness.


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