8. Day 19: Silence & Simplicity

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8. Day 19:  Silence & Simplicity

I love that I keep getting plenty of opportunity to extend love to Not-Knowing…….by not knowing how our holidays (or the afternoon) will unfold.  It seems both completely unreal and completely natural that we are here, in London, living in a little cottage near Notting Hill Gate station.  We buy groceries at Tesco, go to Boots for a new flat iron (I decided when mine burnt the handkerchief I was holding it with because it was so hot, it was time to go native) and we walk everywhere.  Yet there are many times we feel displaced and unsure what we are doing here exactly.  It is a big leap of faith, not to go on holiday of course, but to do it for such a long time.  But that is what one-day-at-a-time is for isn’t it?

Not-knowing.  I get to simply trust again, and again……..and yet again.  I can let the Not-Knowing hold me knowing that everything I need is present in the Not-Knowing and will present itself at the appointed time.

I have everything I need.

Simplicity through silence leads to clarity.

Simplicity through silence leads to clarity.

Not-Knowing frees me from attaching to a particular outcome as my source of happiness.  In Not-Knowing is Knowing too.  Fear not knowing and not-knowing.  In the silence truth can come out.

Ahhhh, silence.  That is what there is so much more of!  Silence.  Silent night, holy night.  Christmas is around the corner, of course silence is my gift of peace and joy waiting to be  unwrapped.

Bartholomew agrees:

“The God-Self is best felt in silence.  You can teach and learn silence is not fearful and empty, but deep, meaningful and abundant.

By sharing silence with others.  You will find yourself trusting and embracing them in a new way.  You come to your simplicity through silence.”———–Reflections Of An Elder Brother by Bartholomew

That is truly what is happening.  We are coming to our simplicity. Hallelujah and yippee.  What more could a uber busy, multi-tasking couple need more for Christmas than simplicity.

“You come to your simplicity through silence.”—-Bartholomew

Thank you Holy Spirit for knowing exactly what we wanted and wrapping it in that most beautiful wrapping paper:  Not-Knowing!

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