8. Day 18: Wonder, Marvel & Curiousity

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8. Day 18:  Wonder, Marvel & Curiousity

It is more obvious, when you are away from home that your inner life is your true center.  I continue to check in within my heart because that is really all I can do.  I can’t consult a friend, or watch TV or even have quiet time in familiar surroundings.  But I can get quiet and be still and breathe mindfully anywhere, any time.  Being in a large city is different in itself.  It is a walking culture rather than a driving culture (even the prams, coats and bags reflect this).  I have been continuously grateful for my preparation started in July with walking daily.  I would’ve been in a heap of hurt.  As it is, we are walking farther and faster than we do on our “normal” walks and throwing in enormous steep staircases getting in and out of the Tube stations.  I am building strength in all areas.  Naturally I came across a these wonderful quotes from Bartholomew on strength that buoyed me.

“I would like to put you in touch with an energy field many of you have refused to accept–that of strength.  The attribute of strength can make maximum use of your pain or help you to integrate with the beauty and wonder of life. Strength and God are the same.  GOD IS ALL-POWERFUL.  God is omniscient, omnipresent, magnificently bliss-filled and consciously aware.

Strength is a gift from God that provides you with the necessary courage to find out who you are–no matter what is happening

Release the desire to have anything outside yourself appear in any certain way, and simply concentrate on the feeling of strength within.”————Reflections Of An Elder Brother, Bartholomew

doors in London

Open the door to your inner strength.

It is very easy to fall in to comparing when you are overseas on the little things of life you are used to surrounding yourself to create comfort: ice in drinks, driving in the right side of the road, a flat iron that does not spark and smolder when plugged in.  I am noticing how much “easier” it is to be here now because so many things are unexpected.  It is easy to delight in architecture and history but then living with it is a whole other experience.  With history comes old bath tubs and fluky electrical outlets.  With great architecture comes the need to care for it in very specific ways.  I love practicing concentrating on the strength and awareness within which allows all that I experience here in London wonder, marvel and a curiosity.  I wonder at the beauty of Parliament House, I marvel at the ancient narrow roads, I am curious about my own experience of all these.

Not-Knowing is swirling around me, we are now entering into completely unplanned days which is both deliriously delightful and rather terrifying.  We can actually feel into what we want to do today.  What gift, what spaciousness, what now?


  1. I know what you mean about time and searching your inner self and the things we learn from this search. Recently I did the most stupid, I mean completely idiotic and most stupid thing I have every done in my life. I stopped taking a prescribed medicine that I did not like without asking my dr about it. Now the side effects are awful, but will only last a brief time (I love the statements by so many others that I have followed in their footsteps – By the end of the month you will be back to your normal self.) The lesson that I have learned from this has been a challenge but oh my gosh how grateful I am that I did not choose something anymore serious (which I am not taking) than this drug to automatically stop taking. This is difficult enough, and each day as those electrically shocks go through my brain, I thank the Holy Spirit for reminding me to take care and be wise and listen to those who know. By the way have a scone for me will ya!!!! You and John are missed!

    • At least you know now the meds must be helping you. I had a scone for you today at Kensington Palace!! Miss you too! xoxo

  2. How marvelous that the Universe has given you the opportunity of “not knowing” in a “foreign” setting…not 5 feet away from all things familiar, but in a landscape that requires recognition of Self. Sending love and light.

    • Ooooo, I love “recognition of Self”!! Thank you sweet SSS:) xoxox

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