8. Day 11: The Answers Will Find You

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8. Day 11:  The Answers Will Find You

Today is my last day in country before embarking on a sabbatical and work trip to England with my husband.  This trip came about in the usual way with an idea, an opportunity and a great leap into the infinite Not-Knowing.  The trip itself is not so unusual.  Traveling overseas gets easier and easier with technology allowing best price and a buffet of choices.  What is different, nay, almost unheard of, is that we will be gone for nearly two months.  This time will be punctuated with networking and business opportunities but what I am most looking forward to is unplugging from our daily life and plugging into the depths of my heart where the infinite Not-Knowing resides.

A dear friend sent me the meme pictured below.  I love when I get an “AMEN!” from the Universe that I am not alone in my sensuous adventure of extending love to my fears.  Take time now, for yourself to read this and then close your eyes and sink into the depths of the truth here.  I, too, am doing this now.  I am leaving my trip undefined and the “me” that is making the trip is yet undefined also.  I am stepping into the flow of letting the answers find me.  May the answers find me in joy, peace and surrender.  Let me be baptized in the flow of the mystery as I kneel at the altar of Not-Knowing.


Make A Practice Of Not-Knowing…….


  1. Blessings for safe travels, fulfilling adventures, and much joy!

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