7. Day 8: Telling The Truth

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7. Day 8:  Telling The Truth

Soon after asking my self what my blog was really about, I received this beautiful note from a dear friend.  It was so an answer to my heart’s question I have to reprint as written. I recognized the Voice of Love instantly.  (the quote by Neale Donald Walsch was perfect as he is one of the first authors I ever read who shared God’s voice so directly)

“Good Morning,

Your blog is all about telling the truth and being fearless in the expression of the truth of your being…love.

Blessings on your way to being fearless in all that you think, say & do.

Much love always,


“Tell the Truth to Yourself, About Yourself.

Tell the Truth to Yourself, About Another.

Tell the Truth About Yourself To Another.

Tell Your Truth About Another To Another.

Tell the Truth to Everyone About Everything.

Learn to open your heart (remove resistance that holds us in defense)

Tell the truth....

Tell the truth….

Learn to speak from the heart (authentic communication and being presence with others)

Learn to follow our heart (getting clear about your Truth and daring to follow it fearlessly)

Learn to listen from your soul and speak from your heart!

The mind tells you everything you can lose.

The heart tells you everything you can give.

The soul tells you everything you are…..love, joy & peace”—-Neale Donald Walsch


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