7. Day 6: 100 Ways To Know Honesty

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7. Day 6:  100 Ways To Know Honesty

I am loving all that honesty has to give.  Since I have noticed I am fearful of honesty in many ways I wanted to know how I can be with/ practice/ encourage honesty in myself.  So I asked Holy Spirit for ways I can come to know honesty as a quality of love.  After this list, I really do want to know honesty.  In all things.  This honesty, I can trust, allow and welcome.



100 Ways To Know Honesty As A Quality Of Love

  1. Listen
  2. Don’t interrupt
  3. Trust the moment
  4. Notice my heart beat
  5. Extend trust to being honest
  6. Practice to taking time to answer
  7. Remember I always have everything I need
  8. Look for honesty every day
  9. Acknowledge honesty in self & others
  10. Notice how honesty is expressed
  11. Look for the quality of honesty in art
  12. Learn what honesty really is
  13. Ask HS every day how to extend honesty
  14. Notice at the end of the day what my own experience of honesty was like
  15. Instead of offering “tea & sympathy”, offer “tea & honesty”
  16. See honesty as my friend
  17. Trust honesty to lead the way
  18. Breathe deeply & quietly when honesty meets me where I am
  19. Allow the miracle of honesty to unfold without plan or effort
  20. Give honesty a chance
  21. Give room for others to be honest
  22. Welcome honesty
  23. Allow honesty
  24. Encourage honesty
  25. When honesty flows, if there is discomfort or pain, ask for guidance
  26. Honesty loves you
  27. Honesty is being what is
  28. Honesty is a way to see
  29. Honesty holds a place for truth & light
  30. Truth is eternal; honesty is this moment; light is what already is
  31. Honesty is an integral quality of clarity
  32. Clarity allows energy to flow
  33. Honesty illuminates the desire for awareness
  34. Honesty ignites the delight in clarity
  35. Honesty is powerful
  36. Honesty notices creation
  37. Honesty IS seeing
  38. Honesty leads to spaciousness & ease
  39. Honesty is directly connected to awareness
  40. Ask yourself each day:  what do I need to be honest about & in today?
  41. Honesty feels refreshing
  42. An honest days work is one way to view forgiveness
  43. Honesty must be present in forgiveness for healing to occur
  44. Forgiveness is what allows honesty to do its great work of healing & illumination
  45. Honesty IS
  46. Honesty is not just one way of looing at things
  47. Honesty is what holds creation in check
  48. When honesty is allowed free & welcome reign there will be no more wars
  49. When you allow honesty to freely flow in your own life you will no longer need control & defense for safety
  50. Honesty is your safety
  51. Clean or dirty can be honest
  52. Happy or sad can be honest
  53. Rich or poor can be honest
  54. Open or closed can be honest
  55. Good or bad can be honest
  56. Honesty is what notices what actually is
  57. Honesty delights in what is
  58. Honesty is feared not so much for its illumination of truth but for its infinite power
  59. Honesty IS already in all things in all places
  60. Honesty is what helps you practice your awareness of this truth
  61. Honesty reveals what is already fully present
  62. Honesty does not invent or create
  63. Honesty clarifies, demystifies, & defogs instantly
  64. This is why honesty is feared; it is the great awakening
  65. You can cultivate delight in honesty by allowing it to be fully present in your awareness every day
  66. Honesty is a flavor of kindness
  67. As kindness is a flavor of honesty
  68. True kindness is also honest
  69. True honesty is also kind
  70. Questions are all asking for honesty
  71. Allow honesty to answer
  72. When you feel lack of clarity ASK HONESTY to speak through you
  73. When you don’t understand another, ASK HONESTY to speak through them
  74. Honesty pleases itself
  75. ASK HONESTY how can this answer/outcome please me?
  76. When you don’t want to do something ASK HONESTY to explain and guide
  77. Honesty itself needs no explanation
  78. Allow silence to work with honesty to create true clarity
  79. Honesty is Friend to All
  80. All paths lead to honesty
  81. Honesty is not just good policy it is a scientific law of the universe
  82. The universe can only be honest
  83. Honesty frees what IS from it’s prison of what is not
  84. Honesty is manna & living water
  85. Honesty is the blood of life nourishing all creation
  86. Honesty is a workhorse
  87. Use honesty as an instant clarifying tonic
  88. Those who you see as most difficult in your life are calling for honesty in all things
  89. Honesty is the gift of Heaven on earth
  90. Honesty includes all
  91. Honesty is your birthright
  92. Allow honesty & gentleness to realign your thinking once & for all
  93. Daily honesty is the greatest gift you can give to those who love you
  94. Celebrate honesty wherever you find it
  95. Give honesty as a gift, treasure & precious sharing
  96. Honesty does not need to include suffering
  97. If suffering is present ASK where else & how else you can allow honesty to be present
  98. Honesty both leads the way & places soft stepping stones & lamplight in your path
  99. Honesty revels in what IS without any desire to change it
  100. Honesty is the gift of giving your self to your Self




  1. This is a great and helpful list for me to reflect on.
    Good medicine!

    • I think I could “take two” from this list each day myself, and transform my my life in every moment. 🙂 xoxo

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