7. Day 4: What Is My Blog About Anyway?

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7. Day 4:  What Is My Blog About Anyway?

My daughter asked me recently what my blog was about.  I faltered a bit because I thought she was reading it, therefore already knew. There I was caught in the headlights of a moment that called for honesty because I instantly was feeling less-than (no fault of my daughter who really only knows how to be honest).  I was a bit annoyed that it wasn’t obvious to her. Because of my commitment to honesty I had to ask myself, firstly, why was I annoyed with her not knowing?  Why did it matter to me?  Did her not knowing what my blog was about reflect on me in some way?  Am I not being clear in my writing?  Is it obvious to someone who reads only one or two posts what I am doing? (I’ve noticed when “cornered” by honesty I ask a lot of questions.) (FYI, I still feel cornered by honesty.)

I was allowing this bubbling pot of questions without immediate answers to be for a bit. I must have left my daughter hanging because, for the life of me, I can’t remember if I actually answered her question.  We went on, that day, to watch a wonderful program called “Cosmos” with Neil deGrasse Tyson, which explores and explains science, the universe, our way of looking at these and how it might all tie together.  This particular episode quoted Albert Einstein, who said, “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it.” Good grief!  Am I writing and extending love and still don’t understand what I am doing???

They answer was, in honesty, I didn’t understand what I was doing because I hadn’t taken the time to stop and ask myself this.  I knew what I was doing in extending love to my fears, I just hadn’t added “fear of being asked what I am doing to the list yet”.  Honesty takes time.  Time I am, occasionally (or more often than that), unwilling to give. No wait, it isn’t that honesty takes time (honesty is actually incredibly efficient) it is that I don’t want to take time to listen to the truth RIGHT NOW.  I want to do it later, or in quiet time, or not at all.

Loving fearlessly is fab!

Loving fearlessly is fab!

So, what IS my blog about?

WHAT:  Twelvemonth of Self Love blog is about how I am learning to LOVE fearlessly and in all conditions.

HOW:  I extend love to an epic fear (one that curls my toes) each month and write about my experience

WHY:  It is the best way I could think of to hang out with the Holy Spirit all the time

WHO:  Eva, Holy Spirit, my family, friends and colleagues (my life is an open blog)

WHEN:  Every Day

WHERE: Subscribe here if you haven’t done so already (see top right)

WHY DO I KEEP DOING IT EVERY DAY?:  Blogging every day keeps me in contact with my AWARENESS OF LOVE’S PRESENCE every day.  It connects me to the peace, joy, strength and, God help me, honesty, within myself.  ALL of the qualities of LOVE are present in each one of us and we just don’t always notice.  My daily extending love practice and blog helps me NOTICE.  And besides all that, it feels DIVINE to love fearlessly.  Maybe because LOVE is the divine presence within us.

Question is why does anybody need to read it?  They don’t.  They don’t need to.  However, those people who are regular readers tell me the blog inspires, reminds, helps with their own daily practice of love (oh, and they enjoy it too).  I love and appreciate my readers so very much.  It is like having a loving accountability team with me on my path.  One of the reasons honesty is my current practice it that my precious readers are SO honest.  (Thank you all for this, btw.)

If you want to learn/practice/remind yourself that you are and can LOVE fearlessly and in all conditions, join me daily right here.  Knowing LOVE is the truth about yourself and EXPERIENCING this are two different things.  What are you waiting for?  (Feel free to forward this post to friends who might want to remember and experience they are LOVE too!)

See you tomorrow;)

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