7. Day 31: Love Loves Tricks AND Treats!

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7. Day 31:  Love Loves Tricks AND Treats!

What a fabulous day to conclude my month of extending love to honesty!  All Hallow’s Eve.  I feel both hallowed by gratitude and hollowed out like a pumpkin after getting up close and personal with honesty.  I kind of hate to admit it hasn’t been as scary as I thought it would be to be honest and to welcome honesty in others.  Before, I was like a kid who’d run up to the door and ring the bell but was too scared to see who answered the door.  I never stayed around long enough to get my candy treasure.  Honesty always answers the door.  It can say yes or no or thank you.  All the times I cringed and shrunk away from honesty thinking I might “hurt” another kept me from really receiving the gifts of honesty.

Don't be scared, 'cause it's Halloween!

Don’t be scared, ’cause it’s Halloween!

Here are the gifts of honesty I received in no particular order:

1.  More time (honesty gets it done and doesn’t seem to require much planning)

2.  More peace down the road (I didn’t need to keep rethinking or re-deciding something)

3.   I am less anxious about sharing honestly (I know what my heart wants and it is not going to contradict itself)

4.  I have more money (I know, this is surprising.  Honesty just doesn’t need as much at Nordstrom’s, it doesn’t even seem to need as much at the grocery store.)

5.  Fewer thoughts running around in my head (Really!  It would seem not being honest requires a bigger stockpile of thought.)

6.  The revelation of honesty flows outward and the benefits are felt by all (My children & husband can attest to this.  This really is the gift that keeps on giving.)

7.  I trust myself more  (I guess this comes from the true listening honesty affords)

Honesty is the beginning of God-consciousness.

Honesty is the beginning of God-consciousness.

8.  I actually experienced great clarity overall

9.  I have learned to catch myself if I am not being honest (it actually feels constrained and airless to not be honest now)

10. Honesty is a free all-access back stage pass to the awareness of Love’s presence.

Honesty reminded me again and again that Love is present in all things, in all experiences, in all interactions, in all relationships.  By practicing honesty I came to trust what was going on within me because I noticed.  Noticing is so powerful the rest (peace, guidance, joy) happens almost without effort.  And all honesty required was for me to trust the truth inside me, whether it felt like a trick or a treat.  Both were welcome.  Both were included in honesty’s embrace.


  1. Honesty is efficient, economical, and loving. YAY!!!

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