7. Day 28: How Can I Include Myself (Right Now)?

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7. Day 28:  How Can I Include Myself (Right Now)?

I asked Holy Spirit how I can include even the fearful parts of ourselves in the wedding preparations.  No matter how surrounded from within and without by love I am, thoughts of fear or discord or annoyance come up in an attempt to steal the moment from joy.

Me:  How best can I include all parts of myself in preparations for the wedding and allow for calm, delight and focused energy?

HS:  You set the tone of your doing with your BEING and your intention of being.

Dear One, this is a marvelous unconditional practice ground to join in the delight and planning of an event (any event).  Ask your Heart, “How can I include you (my Self) right now?”  Ask, “How do I make clear to myself what is needed right now?”

"I am in all the facets."

“I am in all the facets.”

Do not fret worry or plan heartlessly–it is simply not needed. Notice, wait for and delight in its unfolding, how everything is already working together for good in this (and indeed everything else). Love has been felt, declared and shared, it cannot help but spill into the creative flow and create a celebration of Love and Marriage and Joining.

Let your hearts by your guides.  The bride and groom know very much what they want.  Your job is to help them manifest this according to time, budget and corporate desires. Do not fear a budget, this will automatically help in decision making. Invite, welcome and allow all to participate.  There are many parts to this vision, welcome all the facets equally.

I am in all facets, loving you, guiding you, delighting you and being with you.

Dearest One, let this time be your great gift to yourselves to seal with an eternal kiss the reminding of one another of your healed state.  Love heals all perspectives.  You are the delight of my heart. Thank you for allowing this flow of ease and joy. Thank you.

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