7. Day 19: 100 Reasons Why Panic Is My Friend

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7. Day 19:  100 Reasons Why Panic Is My Friend

Yesterday I shared my experience of a recent assessment that left me inundated with nervousness that felt a lot like panic.  I determined that this energy was surely a gift if I could only see it that way.  My lists of 100 Reasons Why have become a great tool for me to hear the Holy Spirit within me when I am really stumped.

“100 Reasons Why Nervous Energy (aka Panic) Is My Friend”


  1. There is nothing wrong with nervous energy
  2. Energy is energy
  3. All forms of energy are forms of love
  4. Love loves me
  5. I am Love
  6. I can learn to love in all colors & flavors because that is what I am
  7. I don’t need to fear the feeling of nervous energy (panic)
  8. I it here to open the pathways wide for awareness & power together
  9. Power is my friend too
  10. Harnessing nervous energy will fill me with a real face to face experience of joy
  11. My heart & breath get a great workout
  12. It reminds me to ASK for guidance & “what now?”
  13. I can give thanks for this energy
  14. Trusting brings out the best in me
  15. Willingness to serve does too
  16. If I really breathe deeply into this energy I can feel very relaxed
  17. This energy is what has the power to communicate to all of my cells simultaneously
  18. I can send this message along with the excitement:  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG
  19. So if there is nothing wrong then everything is right
  20. It is exactly perfect I am feeling this electric energy
  21. This is part of my process of performance creation
  22. This is what helps me be & share my ALIVENESS
  23. This feeling has come to shower me with bubbles and tingles of joy
  24. I love joy
  25. Joy loves me
  26. Order, beauty & true communication are present within the gift wrapping of nervous energy
  27. As long as I remain open & gently welcome this energy I can remember it is my friend
  28. I can direct this energy
  29. This energy bring effervescence to my tour/talk/day
  30. This is currently the best way my body knows how to help me
  31. My body is my friend
  32. I am my body’s friend
  33. My body is a two-way communication device
  34. It reminds me I am love & reminds others of the same truth
  35. Bodies don’t lie
  36. I can ask for the interpretation of the Holy Spirit of this energy
  37. I am not at the mercy of the energy
  38. I am the mercy
  39. I am the power
  40. I need not fear this power
  41. The power helps me be aware of all that I am without needing fear as a buffer
  42. Breathing is a great way to send the message “There is nothing wrong”
  43. Taking time to extend love is always time well spent
  44. I can trust my life performance
  45. I am always “performing” live because I am living
  46. Being LIVE is enough
  47. This is the power to heal perception coursing through me
  48. Life is not threatening me
  49. Life does not need to threaten itself
  50. I am able to trust myself
  51. I do not need to be blind to my self to live from & see my Self
  52. There is only ONE
  53. E pluribus unum
  54. All the forms of Love work
  55. It’s all good
  56. I can always be willing to learn something from feeling this energy
  57. I don’t have to exclude myself from the experience of my Self
  58. This energy is a conduit
  59. As I ask my higher/deeper self to be present it has to use some form of communication
  60. I can learn to enjoy that electric energetic presence as a gift
  61. This energy can remind me to ASK what my purpose is
  62. My purpose is always to increase my/our awareness of Love
  63. Not by show & tell but by BEING
  64. My job is who I am
  65. I can love with my whole heart whoever/whatever is in front of me
  66. This experience of nervous energy is like witnessing the evolutions of awareness
  67. My awareness is by strength
  68. I can feel Holy Spirit within this energy
  69. Where Holy Spirit is—so am I
  70. Holy Spirit always meets me where I am
  71. Thank you Holy Spirit for this reminder
  72. This energy is creating spaciousness within me
  73. I love spaciousness
  74. I can roam free within this energy
  75. This energy does not prevent, it promotes
  76. The energy promotes delight within my awareness
  77. Delight allows me to enjoy whatever I am experiencing
  78. This energy is to give
  79. Giving & expressing who I am allows the energy to continue its flow
  80. Thank you for this energy
  81. It does feel like falling in love
  82. Help me to remember to enjoy the falling
  83. I am falling with style
  84. I cannot be hurt by the fall
  85. I asked for the falling
  86. Falling is fun
  87. I can use this
  88. If I could bottle the delight within the falling energy I could make everyone aware
  89. My own awareness is connected to the AWARENESS
  90. I don’t have to fear myself
  91. I don’t have to fear my Self
  92. We are ONE
  93. One can make itself into an infinite variety of forms
  94. This never negates the ONENESS
  95. ONE is the loveliest number
  96. Love is the onliest game in town
  97. This nervous energy helps me love myself wholly
  98. I am worth loving in all ways
  99. I am worth loving always
  100.  I am always Love


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