7. Day 16: An Honest Quiet

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7. Day 16:  An Honest Quiet

As I am consciously extending love to my fear of honesty by practicing real honesty I have to say that there is a whole bunch of stuff that tries to pass as honesty that really isn’t.  Here are just some of the things that kind of sound like honesty but under further scrutiny is just something standing in the way of my awareness of true honesty.

Things That Try To Pass As Honesty:   opinions, tiredness (really that old thing?), silence, suggestions, “You be honest first, then I’ll be honest.”, using my “serious” voice, talking fast, hurrying (I am SO honest I don’t have time for you??).

I am finding real honesty admits or notices a thought or feeling and then lets it be.  Honesty doesn’t actually have to try to hard.  Honesty knows when to stop talking.  An honest quiet is how I feel about my early morning commune with the Holy One.  I can let honesty speak through/as me and I feel cared for and nourished.  When I “try” to be honest, I feel left out and burdened.  I am going to let honesty lead the way and today, it is time for quiet.  I will leave you with this lovely glimpse of Westminster Abbey in London (where I will get to pray and meditate next month!).  Take a moment and just gaze upon this soaring reminder that our heart is open, glorious and ever ready for us in every moment. (click picture to play video)


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