7. Day 12: And On The Seventh Day….

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7. Day 12:  And On The Seventh Day….

Sunday has long been considered a day of rest.  In the Bible even God rested on the seventh day of creation.  Why is it so difficult to allow rest?  To feel worthy of complete rest.  Or any rest?  Why, if something is easier than we thought, do we find ways to either make it more difficult or explain away the ease?  Have you noticed how ill at ease we are with, well, ease?  In my month of extending love to fear AS tiredness I really noticed some of the ways I block the awareness of Love’s Presence is to busy/overwhelm/over do myself.  I know I will have to return to Holy Spirit again and again and always for my sense of rest.  Rest is not just NOT doing, rest is the willingness to surrender completely to the truth of myself in any moment.  Honesty is just bringing this up again for me to notice and extend love to my feelings of guilt for, believe it or not, letting Holy Spirit handle it all.

This feeling of guilt for Holy Spirit being the lead must stem from me thinking I am quite separate from Holy Spirit.  I am entirely connected to the Holy Spirit.  I am just not ALL of it in my expression as “Eva”.  In “Eva” are all the qualities of love and deeper still the ALL-NESS of God.  And “Eva” is also one of the colors or qualities of Love.  I guess the truth is if I am connected to and a part of that beautiful wholeness of God’s Love then wouldn’t any problem, fear or pain on my part be a BIG flashing red light over my head saying “LOSER HERE”?  So, instead of spending some quality time with my discomfort of ease I make up stories of how hard I work, how much I do and just to prove this I display with tiredness with a flourish, as a badge of honor.

What else can I do?  Holy Spirit?  Are you there?

double rainbow santa barbara

Rest is who I am not what I do.

HS:  Dearest One,

It is time simply for resting in your heart of hearts. Fear not the sense of panic you feel when confronted with discomfort.  Allow your discomfort space, air and quiet.  In the place of spacious ease will come the reminder of how perfect it is that you feel this thing called “discomfort”.  It is your gracious reminder to ask for awareness, guidance and the immediate experience of yourself as the Love that you are.

Dear One,  there is no need to fear ease, emptiness OR dis-ease or fullness.  I am with you in all things. When you are experiencing discomfort or dis-ease, this is where you are ceasing to notice/extend/be the wholeness of love that you are.  You are shying away from the discomfort because of past stories of guilt or “Why?” or the feelings that only a mistake could have led me thus.  Know there are no real mistakes.  It is all a mis-take until you take in again that you are only love.  ONLY LOVE.  There is nothing more you need add.  How ease-y is that?;)

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