7. Day 1: Dear (Me) In The Headlights Of Honesty

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7. Day 1:  Dear (Me) In The Headlights Of Honesty

Whoa!  As I keep walking this path of a twelvemonth of self love, the fear of honesty just appeared on my radar.  I feel like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming coal truck.  This must be what I most need to extend love to next because my heart clenched and I thought “NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo………..”  and then I thought “But I AM honest, aren’t I??!”  Holy heck, my heart is racing and I already feel guilty.  Guilty of what??  Being dis-honest??

I am honest to a fault in my outer life.  I relentlessly go the speed limit, I prepare to stop at yellow lights and definitely stop at red lights.  I save all receipts and document all expenses for our businesses (well, our lovely account does the documenting) to keep the IRS happy.  I show up when I say I am going to or call to rearrange.  I don’t shoplift, lie about my age or pretend to like someone when I don’t (I really do like most everyone though.)

This just in from Holy Spirit:  People pleasing is not the same as being honest.

This plainly is out of left field for me in this moment as people pleasing seems to pretty much explain most of what passes for honesty in my book.  Yikes!  It makes me want to ask all kinds of questions.

Honest with whom?

What is honesty really?

Chill baby, honesty is kind.

Chill baby, honesty is kind.

Why does honesty matter?

What if everyone were honest?

What about manners and honesty?

Truth and Honesty.  Does one lead to the other?

What fuels dishonesty?

Being honest feels exposing.

Does dishonest protect honest?

Does honesty need protection?

How do I learn to be honest in all things?  Do I have to be?

Honesty is efficient.

If I am honest, won’t others be honest too?  THEN what??

What about when honesty has opened my eyes? saved me? guided me? strengthened me?

Is Love honest?

Is honesty Love?

Can I be honest AND kind?

Why do I fear honesty?

Dishonesty is a block to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

Honest is kind.

I did notice Holy Spirit’s Voice of Love got a word in edgewise but the die is cast and it is time to open up to the month of extending love to honesty.  Did you notice I wrote “extending love to honesty” rather than the fear of honesty.  I guess my lack of trust in honesty is being exposed.  Either that, or I don’t have a clue what honesty really is.  Immediately I am getting that what I will be doing this month is extending honesty to everything.  Yikes again!!  Let us see what happens this month as I am willing to look at honesty in the light of Love.  What are you willing to extend honesty to today?



  1. I’m looking forward to this month. It speaks to me, as I try to be honest, truthful etc.. so I’m wondering… and looking forward to see the answer to those questions.

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