6. Day 4: Look Out London, Here She Comes !!!

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6. Day 4:  Look Out London, Here She Comes !!!

Our daughter is studying abroad for her fall term and leaves for the UK today.  She will be in Bath but will stay in London a few days to acclimatize, then spend some lovely days with good friends in Norfolk and Sheffield (A BIG thank you to Dan and Louise!!).  This study abroad has led rather neatly to the obvious next step.  I must go to London.  Or rather WE must go to London.  My tiredness however is no longer my own, it has spilled over into my household and after finding ourselves utterly and completely spent after months and years of non stop living, my husband and I both have decided to spend a lovely chunk of time in the UK later this year ourselves.  A sabbatical for our souls even as we meet with business associates for both businesses.

I am filled with great gratitude that a trip of this kind is even possible and I want our trip to be not just a useful time of networking and a great holiday but a time of reflection, restoration and self love so I naturally asked Holy Spirit how best to use this time when it comes.

HS:  Precious One,

Be still and remember all that you love.  Bask in your desires, let them lead you to full rest and restoration.  Fear not time and distance for these are great gifts of perspective.  You are going on an adventure of awakening to the joy that is within you.  You are learning new ways of being that you may enjoy all that you are along with all that you do.

Who is Queen of my heart?

Who is Queen of my heart?

Dearest Ones, this time is for you.  Go deep into enrichment, awareness, delight and rest.  Let your clocks relax and take days where you just follow your guidance and feeling in each moment.

Take time to draw, photograph, write poetry and sing.

Create as you go for the shear joy of it.

Relax your grip on day to day work awareness and release your team into trust.

Have a communication plan for the team and yourself so that you are not thinking about it every moment.  Allow all time off over Christmas.

Spend time with one another, not leading or following but in step, hand in hand, heart with heart, listening as you go.

When both girls are present (we will have Christmas all together in London) really soak in their presence. Let each one plan days of sight seeing, restaurants and outings.

Take time off and lounge, rest and read.

Let the holiness of holiday flow through your time.

The sabbatical is in the rest; laying judgment aside will give you great rest.

This was such a personal message I nearly didn’t share it but I realized this is really a blueprint for restoration and I didn’t have to wait until I left the country to begin to receive the many treasures of this guiding message:

You are learning new ways of being that you may enjoy all that you are, along with all that you do.


  1. Thank you, Eva, for sharing. I need much the same myself, and am grateful that you shared with me( us). Mary

    • I think our look at tiredness is going to produce some real treasures! xo

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