6. Day 28: Waking Up Is Hard To Do (Alone)

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6. Day 28:  Waking Up Is Hard To Do (Alone)

My list continues to make me aware of my self, and isn’t this the beginning of self love?  Indeed, it is the beginning of awareness of love of all kinds.  Oh wait.  Isn’t all love a form of self love?  This is the key to “love thy neighbor as thyself” isn’t it?  All loving feeds, awakens, reminds you that you ARE love.  That I am love.  That we are all love. We just, each with our own reasons, keep forgetting.  I suppose that we are all trying to both remind ourselves and one another to WAKE UP to that beautiful, eternal truth that LOVE is the truth about us.  God is the truth about us.  God is Love.  We keep thinking we must confess, make up for, change/fix ourselves, try harder in order to be worthy of love but we are, by our own God-given nature, worthy of Love.  We are worthy AS Love.  God is not waiting for us to behave, straighten up or quit eating cheese puffs and Krispy Kremes for breakfast in order to Love us, WE are the ones waiting until the to do list is all crossed off, that 20 pounds is gone and our beds a made before we surrender to the powerful, constant presence of Love.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Waking Up Is Hard To Do (click on photo to see video of Scott Kalechstein Grace singing his own song)

What are we waiting for anyway???  Let us make a pact, you and I, to gently and kindly ( loudly and forcibly only if absolutely necessary) remind each other “Honey!  You ARE love, remember!!!”  I realize that is what I am doing with this blog and project.  Reminding myself, and by sharing it, reminding you too, that we are Love!  It still amazes, stuns and really gets me that I forget, and often choose to forget this truth.  So please, if I fall asleep again at the wheel and forget the glory and eternal presence of Love within my heart, will you please remind me?  Please?!

Here is a darling video sent to me by a friend and faithful reader (Thanks Jill!) that makes it feel like the waking up process isn’t “do or die” but really more “Gee it would be more FUN to wake up and remember the truth, wouldn’t it?”  Enjoy and let us laugh at our ferocious ego stories and know these too are Love in disguise, reminding us to WAKE UP.


  1. I love you

    • Sweet Hollie, I love you too! xoxo

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